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Patagonia was cool and damp (70ish). The photo into the town hints at the “laid back” attitude around Patagonia. Well kept lawns might be next to rambling vine jungle yards. Recycled materials and buildings appear here and there. The alleys are actually front yard profiles of some homes. With all the rain in most monsoon seasons, it is very green there. I would like to live nearby up in the Patagonia Mountains a bit but cannot afford to. For parts of town seeming impoverished or run down and over, real estate values are very high.

The town is surrounded by two rivers. It is a birding paradise and a new age conglomerate of sorts. Poet/author Jim Harrison lives there in winter, probably a few other well known or regarded craft and arts people as well. Many oldsters come through to visit, as do motorcyclist, especially on some weekends. There are young “New Age” like families there as well, giving a certain 60’s aura to the place at times.

Many Americans would never imagine that in Arizona to the far south of the state, are such cool and green places. People even in Arizona can think south means hotter. We almost went on to Bisbee today but the rain would have possibly been too much to contend with. Going to Bisbee, one goes by Tombstone AZ if one so wishes. I think it’s about 20 min from tombstone to Bisbee.

Weather along the Patagonia highway.


and into town

and inside a coffee shop


and into the park