Hurricanes come

and people go

life comes

and life goes

in these things

we make a difference

or we do not matter


We have foresight

we plan

we look out and ahead

we find some things

are much greater than me

one is not enough

to fix the damage in life


we plan to answer

as if in one mind

one heart that knows

what needs to happen

and what is right

between us


We plan

those plans are carried

in buckets called desire

by pooling our energies

this is community action

is to some their nemesis

they are about hiding

about hoarding and gain

they must poison the common

water between us

make sharing and caring

out to be bad

to be sad and subversive


To undermine the selfish goals

are to these dividers

the source of what threatens

the private retreat into unbridled fantasy

and unchecked self consumption

so they make the common

into ideas of weak and dependency

into barriers to selfish self realization

where the self is as a god

and culture atrophies

with this noose around its neck


Amidst plenty

compassion and empathy

are considered the makers

of failure

of weakness and subversion

simple dichotomies stake out minds

they barb wire love and trust

they empower suspicion

nurture arrogance and loathing

for those who would offer hope

of a full life to each creature

and each member of the human family


So care is undermined

it is snickered at as “do gooders”

as if good works were shameful

and worthy of spite

they proffer their contempt of the commons

as a right of each to take what they can

get away with

without everyone

or anyone else

having a right to question

this contempt of creation


The poisonous apple spreads

in its barrel of ignorance

caring for the commons

that place that connects

and is the nurturing conduit

of all life

caring for this union

this right of all being

is taught as being a falsehood

a usurper of our own

private desire

a taker and a spender

of what you could have claimed

for and to yourself

as if creation itself

were being cut up

killed on the butcher block

of selfish indulgence of ego


This will of the many

to answer with a plan

this is given a negative tag

called tax

as if it holds you back

from doing whatever you want

with your own plans

your self centered plans

your freedom

to destroy creation

if you so will

and not be held accountable

to anyone but you


The big necessities

can be ignored

will be ignored

this aversion to caring

will collect into its own vessels

they will form world views

with the individual as god

yet hiding deception behind god

up on a pillar to be worshiped

the self prayed to on the side

and comfort connected with


to get whatever it can

get away with


This will be turned into a movement

a movement of righteousness

a cause of individual redemption

a myth of individual merit

as if on our own

is the only honest way

to achieve goals

that are good

unless ruled under fear


It will be separation

it will be called honor

and glorious achievement

to be envied

it will be claimed to be

gods best friend

the holy sacred messenger

the way of decency

and self realization


These are the false Prophets

the dividers and conquerors of Life

the subjugators of Love

the army of self limitation

and self mutilation

the consumption of Spirit and vision

distilled damnation


Fear and its greed

its sacred calf of insecurity

and their seductions

of us and them and others

that cannibalize life energy

the ability to see fully

from the ground into the stars


These will form association

form and conform nations

until light can be called


and darkness

light itself


To the armies of separation

the worshipers of the self

even if coated with religion

or self righteous ideology

for the whole

the health of everything

there is no plan

the winds rage

the seas rise

fuel cost strangle the poor

until they cannot afford to eat

and there is no plan

the black magicians of privatism

and of the ownership of creation


these have no plans

they hope their friends

their ideological cohorts in separation

these will proffer off an answer

that is the vague plan


So the roads crumble

the jobs grow scarce

energy cost strangle wallets

take cans out of the pantry

chill the winters

heat up the summers

and there is no plan

no real plan

for the commons

has its soul held under water

is water-boarded by contempt

of all that unites us

all that we face

all that we are

and share

like it or not

believe it or not


If self centerdness wins

if blindness to connection wins

it will cripple the view

it will herd the mind

it will paralyze the heart

to only revolve around me

and my selfish life

my small life

an inherently threatened life

one I try to make everything

all about me and mine

by making everything else



But everything is significant

significant things happen

they are always happening

if we seek to answer their call

we make our big plans

not by tax

but by offering

offering it up

to all that is

to the Whole

to Life and Love Itself

this is always the key

between being small

between thinking and acting small

or being big


Being beyond my own borders

expanding my awareness

not just next door

but to all doors

and each window

each opportunity

to know what is big

or be trapped by

my own small view

its narrow lens

its blind corners

not seeing the rising seas

the melting ice

the longing hearts.