You would think they have a dart board. Wait. A few dart boards.

Now they have to figure out how to have their seasoned guy, who recently reversed about everything he ever said, (on their chosen controversial issues) to seem like the stable guy. They have to do that while making the other guy seem like a naive and reckless “flip-flopper”, pointing to his “new”/flipped positions, (obviously part of his hope based inexperience), which positions he actually has had since at least the first debates over a year ago when grilled on the topics, except perhaps for telecom immunity. Just ignore the past. I guess that is the secret for this election.

It is the secret of most elections; convince the public that the liberal is a wasteful big spender or a flip-flopper who is incapable of letting the defense establishment defend you. It does not matter that the conservative party does these negatives by an order of magnitude more, both big spending, extraordinarily wasteful policies for the average American, plus flip flopping with each change in definition. They have a kind of critical thinking immunity granted them by business and hierarchical/dominator interest, where spin is considered as good as fact. And so, false topics can be regarded real, and just fair partisan opinion battles in the press. And America will lose more of what we once had, and the conservatives need drum up more external or internal demons; “It’s all taxes fault! Damn liberals and their socialist agenda’s!” This is how the public is used to flush their own interest down the dominators toilet. And we wonder why things just keep deteriorating around us. Duh. Cut taxes. Duh.

They do have some things going for them in this duplicitous attack on the more liberal guy (and liberalism in general), with their ad hominem mind blank; they have a media parrot that will repeat anything and claim it is fair because it is a debate, so your view is equal no matter how false it all is. They also know that any easy negative works well over nuanced degrees in positions.

They are well versed as to how biased assumptions are played on to seem much more than the empty assumptions they are. Repetition and pre-existing bias can seem to create real notes to a song of fear and suspicion, out of literally nothing but fear itself. Black magic at its best; have your own fear and insecurities seem to be caused by someone outside you, then, plan on their defeat as the solution to your fear. Advertise widely and wildly, so your base and other susceptible empty minds can grab on to an obvious target. Now take the advise of all those highly paid and rampant “conservative think tanks” (an oxymoron?) along with marketers who promote insecurity and are willing to do anything to achieve that, then voila! Out of your own conservative faults and falsehoods, you make liberalism out to be the black sheep in the hat behind all the problems of life. So much for rabbits. And you wonder why the same problems just get worse? Did we not just have these conservative ideologue self cons run the country to ruin for six years.

No. Everything is fine. It is the liberals who are out to take your taxes and spend them. Be afraid. Yeah. And they want the terrorist to win too! Haven’t you been listening? But you are only believing if you are on that turnip truck and apparently inhaling the noxious fumes of the right wing. But make no mistake, as they say, come election time the conservative will claim to be the sensible agent of change, with liberalism claimed to be the source of your difficulties. They never fail at keeping this brain control ideology out there. They have a huge infrastructure in place to have their beliefs far outweigh common sense and truth, but they will call their drugged reasoning just that.

Many are wondering why a liberal who misspeaks is fried ten times more for it than a conservative. The same reason news stories of the candidates before the 2000 election were judged to favor Bush by a 2 to 1 margin. Just look at the deception and duplicity rampant on the right, you need an institutional cheat to keep even with the damage the truth will do to you. So much for the “liberal” press. Power interest know how to do what they “need” to keep in control. Bias made invisible is as simple as that. But conservatives traditionally accuse the liberal of doing just what they themselves are doing, creating the false impression of a high ground, and a copy-cat comeback finger pointed from their followers if they hear the same said of them. Individual identity manipulation is both an art and a science. Those with the money and an interest in controlling society to their own will, will see to it that both are lined up in their corner. We just have to see the tricks for what they are when they appear as a new “truth”.


Elections are always about community interest versus the interest of individual self centerdness. While both of our parties pander some to both sides in varying configurations, since World War Two, community interest has been placed under relentless assault by the ideological right wing seeking to appropriate and parcel out the commons to themselves and their ideological friends.

They have infiltrated religious quarters and had a never-ending attack on tax, which is the means the community responds on many critical issues. They do this for that ever lustful need for more and more control of what is to be defined as human interest, that it is to be; everyone is in it for themselves. The community is needed to fight the battles for the wealthy and powerful actions. The community (the poor especially) is called upon to fight for more world wide self centerdness and to maintain disparities at home in the economic realities. This is usually called freedom, our vital interest, and or, our way of life. Thus, suddenly extended in abstraction to everyone’s benefit. Wow! A rabbit out of a hat! The rabbit is back. The “vision thing” is to remain an enticing abstraction called upon to gather votes. Now with election and constitution tampering, even that necessity is atrophying.

This concerted conservative based effort to separate and divide humankind permanently, and relegate human consciousness, not to community purpose, but to stress induced individual survival. Dominators know, someone in dire straights to survive will do most anything. You can then gather another’s life energy and appropriate it for yourself, a kind of individual tax on everything or anyone you can get away with. The program underway is to institutionalize that “getting away with it” universal tax private interest collect on each of us most all the time.

Demonising the residual government tax, greatly assist diverting the collective public attention from common needs and survival interest, to a self focused “achievement” survival mentality, based on a kind of worship of the individual. As if individuals are somehow outside the interconnectedness and interrelationships intrinsic to all that is. Yep. Stress can be wedged to manipulate understanding to include or exclude whatever an opportunist wishes–if they have enough relevant access to your mind frame, and you are somehow deprived of critical thinking abilities; boot up their software.

So we can expect to see many invisible but present constraints on the full debate of human issues. These debates, instead, will be ones where much theory and little reality are used to “compare” who is better than who by the zeitgeist invoked this election season. It looks like the so called more conservative party will try to get within that fudge range where the election can be more covertly thrown. A last ditch “incident” real or imaginary (as many were last elections) will possibly be drummed up to help institute public dumb think so essential to most all conservative notions.

What has America learned from this parade of conservative presidents and congresses that have strangled the commons and set up the fat predatory dominator elites?

Let us insist that the dumb think being invoked now and conjured up on the right, will be seen as the black magic it is. Otherwise; welcome to the corporate welfare state where you will likely be a servant. Spare change for gas?

{This post was republished with the politicalzone blogs permission. Since I am that same person, I found little resistnce in agreeing with myself.}