Hum? How will Americans help destroy their nation faster this election? That is the question.

We have found that naivete blooms eternal in corporatized America. All one has to do is control the subjects being considered relevant. How hard is that? Not very.

Rumor, especially specious and misleading innuendo, has become one of our leading opinion wind vain indicators. We see how easy deception is, and how much of it is the political meat of the right wing especially, but the left is an easy mark for stupid think as well.

The right is propped up for anti-commons “individualism” poll up the but passion. Don’t help anyone unless they are already really, really rich, or you need them for votes. What else do they really have? The firebrand liberals who founded this nation would not recognize these “patriots” or “people of faith” as anything more than pawns in someone else’s chess game.

But wait!

On the left you have “principled” dumb think as well. Do you really want no protection from the government or aberrant other individuals? True for the Second Amendment; if it was intended to power the individual to overturn an unjust authoritarian government, that ability is essentially long gone. The 2nd Amendment proponent does not get to have crowd control weaponry, or radiation, or sound, or chemical and all the other ones the State can bring upon the individual “freedom fighter”. But why then, should not honest citizens still have a modest local ability to protect themselves? Especially when it is known the government is not always the first responder.

Yeah. Go ahead and slaughter my family. I have a few calls to make. Is that really to be the new security provided by non violent principle? To some gun owners, limiting their weapons completely is tantamount to strapping them down and killing them, emotionally. From there it is perceived as literally, no matter how many nuanced conceptions one brings to the table to tell them they will be more safe without them.

But get real again. In these times, when all can be lost, almost literally by one dysfunctional persons behavior, do you really believe the state has no right, in your name, to spy on those who wish you harm? Has this not been the case for ages? No matter the nature of the State, do you believe individual freedom includes the right of the individual to freely destroy everyone else? Really? Who are you kidding? The argument should be over justice and oversight of the governments actions. Freedom comes at a sacrifice of one kind or another; to get it, to have it, to keep it, and yes to protect it.

The false, but often proclaimed sanctimonious or sacred, right to ones own will has always been conditional. Both sides of the debate over individual and nation rights, and which is more important than which has been used to create illusions of ideological purity, when there never was any in the real world.

We see the political parties, for whatever rationalizations, catering to notions of individual safety, both to concepts of individualism and collectivism, in manners meant to assuage fear, real or conjured. What the founding firebrand liberals tried to do is create both balance and justice. These are both endangered by the reaction and overreaction psychologies being driven in the US, to pretty much make the individual citizen a pawn to interest that can manipulate both parties quite effectively. While the parties are relegated to viewpoints that go up and down on the political teeter-totter, just who has taken over the rest of life’s playground?

In some ways, it is less the so called “issues”, that will determine our fate, than the awareness of each individual voter to the power interest that are refashioning America into a dependency addicted corporatised world-state. Divide and conquer is alive and well, and quite possibly occurring in a passionate partisan near you.

The thing worth fighting for is that which is essential for us all, not just those of a particular opinion on an ideological spectrum. The greatest threat to that is now the disequilibrium promoted by predator interest wherever they really are. They will chew us all up and leave the world we live in consumed alive. While we bicker over who is more right.

Thunderstorm that went over Minneapolis now has a tornado

Thunderstorm that went over Minneapolis now has a tornado detected on radar. It was producing golf-ball sized hail as well. Another tornado was in Iowa. Storm systems are heading towards Chicago area. Some of these are currently rotating. So if in area this afternoon, keep an eye on the weather and your weather service.

Here is the NOAA NWS/SPC map for further info.

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NWS/SPC Watch, Warning, Advisory Map

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