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I saw Steve Thomas on Planet Green last evening. Planet Green is a cable/ satellite channel, 286 on Direct TV.

Steve was once the host of PBS’s “This Old House”, which is claimed to be the first big home improvement hit. Now there are many networks devoting much screen time to home improvement reality type shows.

Now I was a fan of This Old House, but not so much of Steve Thomas. In my construction days I had a run in with Steve which I will tell you about shortly. Anyway. I always thought of Steve Thomas as a kind of boastful character that was a bit full of himself. As host of the PBS show, he seemed to prance around and, more or less, seeming as the type to avoid doing much actual work. He just felt like one of those guys who showed they could talk up a subject, but not have the real hands on experience. This is a subjective impression based on character assessment type casting. Most of us have this kind of unconscious prejudice operating–first impressions and all. Generally, it is good to reassess such assessments.

The time he came to our job site, it seemed it was because the producers wanted him to at least give us a courtesy call. We were nearly two months into a major renovation and expansion when This Old House came to town. They wanted to track an improvement through the whole process, so we were not what they would cover at that point. He said they would have been interested if that job was going to be just starting.

Anyway. That day he came by, he announces on arrival that he had not slept much and was in a hurry, so we would not be doing any introductions and all that. So he went on to see the companies owner and made no contact with any of the rest of us, including no eye contact.

Well I did not care one way or the other. There are no media personality or movie stars I personally would go out of my way to meet. I did the work I was there to do. But many of the guys would come by and tell me what a jerk or whatever they thought he was. I thought he was who he is, behaving like I would expect. No disappointment to me. I frankly think it would have been quite an embarrassment to see the company I worked for, on display with its compulsive gambling owner. Perhaps the construction drama express would have arrived a decade sooner. Who knows.

But what of Steve Thomas Today? You may wonder?

He is great on his Renovation Nation show on Planet Green. He gets into the construction mix, and doesn’t mind complaining in a kind self effacing sort of way. His promotional energy is well spent on forwarding the construction technologies and innovations needed to conserve resources and help the environment out. His humor is allowed to come out and play more, which makes his presentation and character more interesting and dynamic. I like the guy who replaced him on This Old House, but Steve Thomas seems right in his element on Planet Green with his Renovation Nation experience.

So cheers to a job well done Steve!

Good to see you again.

Steve Thomas – stevethomashome.com

the bio: Emmy Award winning Steve Thomas has signed on with Planet Green to host Renovation Nation premiering June 4, 2008. He also consults on residential

2 thoughts on “Home Works–Planet Green + Steve Thomas

  1. I’ve always hated him too, on both shows. I just watched him on renovation nation and he behaved like a complete ass to the family he was “helping.” He insulted guy who owned the house who was an architect, and his dad who was an engineer, by saying “…but neither of you is a builder” as though they would be useless without his help.

    They architect has welded up this really cool frame for a bathroom cabinet, and did a great job. Steve got out his level and started preaching about it was 1/2″ out of level like it was some huge crisis that could never be solved. Then got out a $1500 laser level (for a bathroom sink cabinet), then found out it he was wrong and it was only like 1/4″ level. Instead of admitting he was an idiot, he insulted the home owner some more.

    Then he acted like a big knows it all and insulted the guy’s wife about her plan to lay out floor tile as though she was some bimbo. They tested out her way just to appease her. It worked perfectly. And she and her dad did it all themselves while Steve went back downstairs.

    Then Steve went into a rant about how the homeowner didn’t buy high enough quality tools, and sent him to the hardware store to buy something better. Where were Steve’s tools, I wonder? He brought the Laser level? Did he not know he would be shooting a show on home construction that day and installing resin counter tops? What value was he adding to this family? It seems like they ultimately did everything themselves, their way, and it worked out great, but just had to put up with this bitter blowhard all day.

    Man he gets on my nerves. Too bad, too, it could be a great show.

    Benafia here;

    Too bad indeed.

    I do not watch the show much, just saw a couple. I think he was more engaged with the people on these projects that when I saw him in person n a site I was working on. Somehow he does seem to make it all about him and his view.

    I would not have made this post if I happened upon the show you describe. Probably would have said something like; Steve Thomas; New Show Same Steve.

    So I’m not sure if he has or has not become about the topic, or about the “showmanship”. I was confounded in the past that This Old House had a “look at me knowing stuff” guy on as the host. So much better with the later crews hosting. What a difference.

  2. Steve Thomas is the most anoying TV host ever. He got the boot from this old house because nobody liked him. He sucks at life and I wish they would take him off renovation nation as well. I would love to have his job. I have no TV expreience but I gaurentee I would be more like than that wast of space. Sorry to rant I just hate that guy. How do I start a I hate Steve Thomas website?

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