Obama and McCain get you what?

Though 68 percent of the population is said to now be against the war in Iraq, that about 80% once seemed to support, we must wonder what does go on in the minds of our compatriots. Why? Less than one in five of us knew what was being pulled over the public eye’s from day one.

Whatever that something is, or lack of something, if cable news is the judge, that something is going on again, in the population. Hypothetically, both candidates are said to be statistically even at the start of July. The question is; what statistics actually work and seem relevant for that massive bulk of the population that seems to be shopper citizens. They appear to be buying what is on the media’s shelves. Are they really comparing the positions of the two candidates to decide who to pick? How naive can we be? Can our democracy now withstand this shopping syndrome?

Do you actually not know what party dragged us into this economic and terror mess with all their pomp, jingoist patriotism, crony capitalism, intimidation of dissent and macho posturing? How about who took the solar collectors down? Do you still remember who was attempting to create a one party state from K Street to a rubber stamp judiciary ? How about who suppresses information and opinion contrary to its own? Those things are antithetical to democracy, and the values of freedom and liberty. Is it really a debate? Do we not know which party the country actually fares better with? Or are we just shopper citizens who do not know or question why what is on the shelves is there instead of something else?

Are we really born blank headed every minute, then pointed with our cart down the aisle? “Hum? I’m not decided yet. I’m going to be responsible and compare where both guys stand on the issues.” But what exactly are the real issues? Taxes? Abortion? Experience? Vision? How your particular job or economic interest seems to benefit? If it is this same old aisle full of baloney, no wonder less and less gets done, while the nation loses more and more. Except for that elite few of course. They know how to play the system each and every way to keep ahead. To them, that is what counts, not you. It might be smart, not just to read the ingredients on the can to know what is in there, but what is the can made of and might it not also influence the nutrition?

“Oh my word! That is just asking too much!” Really? How will one know if one does not investigate the whole context, and not just the prepared meal? Unfortunately on this question, it is democracy and freedom that depends on that investigation. Unless they no longer have any real meaning that is, other than another popularity contest designed to bypass this deeper attention.


That huge pondering group of decided this way, and that way the next day, that vast majority who changes their minds well after the facts are in, are in a curious and easily manipulated position which they are apparently oblivious to. They are at the mercy of double talk and Orwellian opposite speak. Are they proud of being, not just fallen off the turnip truck, but reborn every moment into a disconnected world view, where facts and reality are too burdensome to accommodate, so anyone’s propaganda barrage (or else inconvenient truths) suddenly has them rethink their prior unthought out position? ” Wait! Now I believe in global warming.” or “Oh! I’m not voting for him. I heard he’s a Muslim.”

If you are shopping and comparing to decide, God help us. For you certainly are not.

The us against them mindset is fundamentally conservative based. That said; if you are in a conservative elite or under its spell, you can claim that openness or even justice towards other ideas, is a bias against you! This is the contrapuntal check mate regurgitated in the media over and over to make stagnation of societal progress and subjective bias seem “fair”. As a society and culture, we seem confused and rendered impotent over and over, by this existential relativity claimed to be fair and balanced.


If we cannot tell human interest, the interest of humanity and this planet, from divide and conquer mentalities, we will not be able to know when the self interest of the apparent subjective (a seeming positive) is actually a negative. There are ample characters on the right and media who are served by conflict originating from the right, to “existentialize” any argument by blurring subjective and more objective truths.

Subjective truth can believe it holds the true perspective in context, and so sees facts rightly, when in fact, it does not allow objective questioning and may well not detect its intrinsic ideological bias. Ever wonder why this administration tries to purge its own party, and then America, from its truth serving dissenting voices? Control context and so the debate, thus undermining democracy.

If everyone is told the earth is flat, and only given the “experts” that agree with that premise, a status quo can go on to call the real round truth heresy, and those who speak it, heretics to be ostracised or worse. This is the power of ad-hominem pollution of reason. The corporate stranglehold on a free media has alternative perspective and solutions to problems cast into this same light. That 70% who go along with “authority” in times of stress can be “pick pocketed” like taking the proverbial candy from a baby.


Separation based ideologies need enemies (in concept) to organize their subjective prejudice into a seemingly correct world view. But if you cannot question politics, if you cannot question religion, if you cannot question authority, if you cannot question belief in the midst of known difference and diversity, you run a very high risk of living in a lie. Diverting consciousness form knowing higher truth is the ends of censorship and external control of the free will. Division and demonization are the hallmarks, not of righteousness, but of deception.

Whole political platforms are formed to service cognitive dissonance. Their intent is to keep certain perceptions and community ideals bound to service to subjective goals of domination and control. We are witnessing a time in human development where the commons of being human, and the commons of being alive in this world of all life, is in jeopardy to predatory interest, interested in their own benefit above all else and others. If we do not know this and are otherwise absorbed in the “debates” over “issues”, we may well sacrifice the forest, to believe we are saving the trees.

One dichotomy may well be true; you are for this whole world and willing to care for and steward it, or you are against it. The victory of those against the commons, will be the defeat of us all. Some things are black and white.

We have this view below of our home given to us by NASA and NOAA

NOAA Photo Library Image - spac0041

The first image obtained from a GOES satellite. These satellites are put in geostationary orbit over 22, 000 miles from Earth and continuously monitor a significant portion of a hemisphere of the Earth.

Image ID: spac0041, NOAA In Space Collection
Photo Date: 1975 October 25 1645 GMT