Meet you at the Center of the Earth?

I just saw a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” commercial. How many of these have been made? I know it is science fiction and all, but we are supposed to believe in something basic–like gravity! T Rex or an associate was chasing the explorers with the earth shaking like in Jurassic Park, only the center of the earth is a point more or less.

I doubt if you could breathe anything there. So we have to suspend common sense somewhat, maybe I will have to see the movie, to know what I am talking about. (duh!) But it would be cool it there was this weightless scene at the dead center. Now that would be kinda fun. A center point where everything falls away from. Then the dinosaurs, ancient secret societies, along with various and sundry aliens, or missing stockings, could run upside-down in circles on the ground around it, but if you tried to cut across, you would bounce right back like a yo-yo. Then we could find out who figures out how to catch who before the center of the earth gets filled with stomach juices, or the theater.

As a kid I found Journey to the Center of the Earth movie a surreal alternate reality show. Where does it’s sun light come from? There was a scene with a fantastic surreal sunset at a sea I seem to remember. The water leaks down there somehow? Air holes reach down there from all the tunnels being dug to China?—You know; to bring the starving children your dinner leftovers.

What about the mantle or the molten core? Just throw those out for the sake of mystery? If so, lets just call it SCIFI Channels Stargate, and get the explanation of the planets “surface” at the center of the earth looking and acting like earths surface over with.

So there, big summer blockbuster movie people, take that. Boy. I sure showed them.

What do you mean no one will read this?

Update; Oooh!  I just saw more of a commercial on this movie and something like fireflies were swirling in the  middle of the scene.  Could it be that center point I was referring to?  Perhaps the next commercial will tell.  Keep checking in to find out how little else I know about this movie opening July 11 at a theater next  to the center of the earth near you.

The spoiler>