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I wonder what kind of head in the sand citizenry we have; after we have just witnessed the misleading “intelligence” and ideological impairment that lead to the Iraq war. This in no way judges the nature of the troops involved; they serve America with their lives, period.

But to have a sycophant like belief that “experts know better” letting we citizens off the consequential and moral hook, is unconscionable. This very mistrust of thinking for oneself, because there are special secrets and things we do not know, so our government is to be trusted blindly, is what made the Nazis what they were. Propped up by those who “know more” about what life is about, and so what is correct in world politics. It is astounding the degree of dissociation from responsibility some people can rationalize; to not even need the actual truth!

Hey. Any old lie will do. I’ll march blindly behind you like a lemming. And then I will not question why I did when I find I was misled. I’m a good servant, master. Real good and reasonable. Whatever you do right or wrong I’m with you.

How in the world will the world ever change as long as the excuse of loyalty is allowed to condemn truth to the sidelines? We are witnessing it.

Might seem “practical” and well conditioned to low expectation citizens, but not Thor who know that a nation acts in their name, and not the other way around.}


It has been curious to see McCain’s attempt to reestablish his “maverick” status. It is a test in naivete, if one is truly fooled into thinking the Republican Party will actually be an environmentally sensitive one. If history is our gauge, and not political posturing, they are to be dragged to the global warming realities by boats cruising through the former North Pole.

However, most voters are known as “low information” voters. The majority of your fellow citizens flags often blow with the presumed zeitgeist of the medias most importance list. They presumably will believe what they see and hear as presented over major media sources, no matter the ingrained influence pedaling of those very corporations. Just as a usual 70% of a given population side with authority figures in times of stress, especially foreign fear induce stress perceptions, the “low information” citizen is like a kind of duck in a perceptual shooting gallery.

Those under the influence of cognitive dissonance induced opportunism mindsets, can be turned on a dime at times by the right fear matrixing. They can hear and believe the conservative is environmentally sensitive, just as they were sure of compassionate conservatism not too long ago. Orwellian notions are often perceived on their word, and not the context of their substance and the facts relative to their theoretical honesty. That is scary. The right fear can turn many of our fellow citizens into go along with the pack robots, following the Pied Piper to the sea.

We can assume the population has become a little more informed about the party of the most right, so McCain’s strategy has to now achieve a “look” of disconnection from the ideological Tower of Babel of this current administration. He is certainly off to a questionable start at this. There will be a host of these forward looking stances by the representative of the most backwards based elites that are the bulwark of the more conservative party. Similarly, Obama will now have the “look” of many conservative notions as his new found passion. This is politics, and it is primarily directed at these low information voters. So it is curious how some spend so much energy on these seemingly contradictory positions of both candidates. Ooooh! Did you hear what Barack Obama said? Ooooh! Did you hear what John McCain said? Ooooh!

Personally, I would not be too surprised if either of these two “reached across the aisle” in their administrations. If they have any desire to get this country off the divide and conquer mentality gridlocking progress, the current administration’s policy of exclusion of all but simpering sycophants, is a history lesson in totalitarianism (for now) light. Any party should conceive of its nation as the whole nation, and not just their personal church or fellow travellers.

I naturally have more faith in liberals and progressives to have a information based philosophy, compared to the make believe, plunder and run accident to our nation still in progress. Hey. I remember who they are, how they behaved, and the bill given over to us to pay. We have just spent nearly 8 years accumulating damage to the commons, the soul of America. Now that has to be assessed and addressed with all we have. That said; I do expect the next president to include diverse philosophy’s in their administrations, or we are had.