Our two main outdoor cats who appeared after one of our cats died.. They are both very sweet.

Tommy here is a dead sleeper of a cat. He conks out and stay out. Here he just went back after noticing me make a door noise as I went to get my camera. I get a kick out of cats with their tongues out. Kinda reminds me of me when the photo’s so often came in and my eyes were blinking so I looked asleep while standing up.

and Reddy here is the biggest cat we’ve seen. He lived in our wash for a couple years and might be oldish. He is an amazingly effective hunter, but a real classy cat. He walks at night out to the fence with me, and comes up to greet us when we get home. He sits on an outdoor table regularly near sunset to hang out with us.

I put a roll of masking tape here to show size. Kinda.

Red is much larger than Tom up front.

Oh and Emma below wearing a scarf.

She lays upside down a lot, and drags her play toy around, to closed doors to see if someone would like to come out and play with her. She talks meow words (many tonal variations) softly when inquiring for playmates. She often has them at the front door now to entice the boys.