We have entered into an unprecedented age of mass communication. Like the Age of the Enlightenment, many ideas, facts, thoughts and concepts have a new and enhanced access to many.

We have folks using their phones as cameras. We have computers taking their own pictures, with our help usually. They then can sift our chosen images out to much of the world, an ever increasing number of humanity. We have unknown consequences to follow this current ability to visually go most anywhere and see, in two dimensions, most any thing. Nothing like this instant access to virtually the entire world has existed before. Some are even escaping in ways from their real life, to a second imaginary life, to an essential degree, dependent on the images taken into our real minds.

Will it be as the era before cell phones? When we watched movies with many a plot based of being out of touch, unable to convey important information to a loved one or associate? Will the movies to come show people like me sitting here typing away? How exciting is that? After a while it may be that we do not notice. But I cannot imagine the interest value, that will be up to script writers. How will they enhance the action?

I know movies such as the Matrix and others, speculated on what all this imaginary reality will lead to, but it was the juxtaposition that was entertaining. What of when we slowly evolve into this extra-other world? Will we eagerly seek out brain enhancements? Eye implants that feed us the Web as if it were real at the turn of a thought? “Web on.”? Who or what will stop this eager rush to have the next most advanced thing and the unknown consequences it will bring? What will actually stand in the way of the “Matrix”? You?