CUT TAXES MANTRA but pay an ave. $1,500.00 a year more! Yeah!

They reported on the news that the oil deregulation scam will cost the average household about $1,500 for your new gas tax. I mean the pyramid risk scheme going on in the oil industry enhancing their record profits at your expense. Yes. You have been “had” again. So politically one side especially will have to change the subject. Try to get you to think about other problems.

Remember how those energy traders manipulating the California market, laughed about the poor old lady strapped with high energy cost–then they kick out the Democratic Governor. That is how disgruntled impressions can be used against the essentially wrong target by the public. Hey. That reminds me of a recent war the vast majority once fully supported. Yep. Had again. Pay for itself. Right! A pushover.

How was the investment?

How many untruths called facts?

How many thousands of lives?

How many trillions of dollars you and I will still put up one way or another?

How much more secure are we really?

How much of the Constitution is actually left?

One thing is sure: All this is courtesy of the oil corporations (and some others) control of congress, especially that recently dominant corporate plunder party, but the other party had been quite sold out itself. Your estimated 1,500.00 per household a year increased energy cost is courtesy of this current administration, the one with all the smoke screens and all the “loyal” followers who march proudly to the sea to watch the tsunami come in.

Between the smoke screens of “Big Government” and “Cut Taxes” lay those easy to confuse voters unable to comprehend nor accept the facts of the corporate plundering of their own pocketbooks. OH!, but they have that famous faith–misplaced.

Let me put it this way. Money is finite, your income anyway. For every dollar you cut from the public trust by executing tax cuts, you transfer those liberated dollars to mostly corporate interest that can do whatever they want with it, they will then raise prices knowing the market can now bare some increase. Hello.

They probably will not put their new-found riches into their companies health care plan–got to stay competitive in a world economy. With the right wing machine in power, the wolves will be put in charge of the sheep. Polluters writing the air quality laws. Media consolidation directing market share etc.

What is next?

Well, if corporate takeover of the democracy and free enterprise is not contained and properly regulated, it may not be too long before you or I will no even talk or observe this way on the Internet. This recent attempt to take over America and create a culture of permanent servitude to oligarchical interest, is quite likely not over. They will regroup.

They have their genius laden think tanks to find just the right ideas and tricks to get you (hopefully not!) on their side. They will, through technological control, and or congressional complicity, once again begin to open new fronts on their assault on the Great American Commons.

Dictatorial interest cannot long stand the idea that any of us are really all in this nation and world together. They see themselves and their lifestyles as god-like entitlements. Often creating their own localized socialist state for themselves and their own. Freedom is the foil they most often hoist up to assuage their misanthropic predatory intentions. They have faith in the Darwinian god of the self to dominate anyone they can. We are their easy marks. Most all democracy’s are now under this kind of attack from within all the time.

It is not funny. Not long ago historically, a world war was fought to preserve freedom, now its very nature is being undermined from within, just like a cancer. You just will not have a McCarthy like persecution of the oligarchy. Persecution is like profit, mostly a one way street; the one that runs over the common citizens.

Wait? What is that I hear?

“Big Spending liberals!” “Lazy Welfare State” “Calling People of Faith” “Terrorist Enablers” “Weak on Defense”

Divide and conquer.

Here we go again…

Oh. and by the way.

If your economy is failing from a lack of spending, you need to spend. And likely fast to preserve what you have. Money is actually the investment in human energy and intention. Without a job and with no jobs available, you have one answer if anyone is conscious enough to implement it: Government Spending. This needs to occur not in tax cuts for the rich which return next to nothing as we have learned, but jobs and income put into the hands of those who will spend, who must spend to survive.


In a US economy that had been at a 14Trillion annual pace, a significant amount would need to be spent to try to counteract a catastrophic recession event (Major Depression).  Unless you have faith in divine intervention in the economy, or are foolish enough to believe that in a retrenching phase, tax cuts to the well to do would do all the rest of you well.  Do the math.  All these depictions of what a trillion dollars is if it were run around the world end to end, or stacked up to the moon, is at best a disingenuous “connection”.  More likely the product of ideological diversionary thinking.


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