This post is for the angry Hillary people. I read their angst filled lines and wonder; where do they think I was these last few years? They talk of Hillary’s superior coalition, her special interest groups and broad coalition that were so formidable, until everyone rolled over for the speech maker.

I know this was the narrative the Hillary folks both sold and convinced themselves of, but for some of us out here like me, who would have gladly voted for Hillary Clinton once upon a time, her war record spoke to us more than anything else. That she enabled the farce of rationalizations so long after most were exposed, (some on day one to the critically thinking endowed), was a shock to the cause of this nation. Her political positioning by poll assumption was the last straw. War is the most serious and consequential of happenings, and she was acting on preemptive political cunning rather than principle. Obfuscation, death and destruction ensued, but she has that lame excuse.

Some may well think that cunning and a list of promises, and a reference to being tough are what a leader requires. That is not all to many of us. Leadership requites being willing to take a stand when others are bending over backwards in fear. It is true that Barack Obama has not been vetted to the degree those out in the public view for much longer have. But he has shown a passion to succeed when all assume it is impossible. Instead of the same old plan most politicians seem unable to waver from, he at least shows a willingness to seek an answer. I would more easily trust his team than the same old’s who were hovering around Hilary Clinton’s campaign. She showed an eager desire to wade into the mud in desperation, pretty much he did not.

All the women I happen to know are for Obama, but it seems some people (usually women) assume most women were for Hillary (poll data said a majority, not all), so since it was cast into an us or them thing, it’s all a misogyny thing. I trust this is just the stupidity of assumption, for if we vote for those candidates just because they are like us in sex, race or other appearances, we are complete fools. ( As a man, I personally wish most politicians were women. They (women) are generally more likely to be more rational in a collective sense, simply because they are not as much testosterone impaired, and tend to a more wholesome view. Sorry men.)

But I do not have much sympathy for the disgruntled Hilary Supporters. They were, via their candidate, willing to side with another Jekyll & Hyde of a “conservative” pandering to doublespeak, over one of their own philosophy! Do they really think John McCain stands for much of anything except all they are against?

This does not speak well of the view of some vocal Hillary folks out there still fuming about their fair and square defeat, although they were lead along on that Russian Roulette of rationalizations she kept spinning. My. How they would have been disappointed once she got in and low and behold, the same old corporate state kept taking over. We have to keep at anyone of these characters once they get in there. I think Obama will likely have an outstanding Cabinet, especially compared to this last disaster. The Democrats have actually intelligent people interested in the common good to draw from. And do not be surprised if he reaches across the aisle here and there for the best and to overcome the Rovian divisiveness of the right wing divide and conquer cult of fear.

At least there is an opportunity with Obama to serve more of the people than those reshaping the country and world into their own dynasties. If the conservative Republican-lite Democrats are going to sit this out or change sides to the oligarchs, stay there please. But if you want actual government accountability and at least a premise of citizen input, dust off your shoes and get to work for progress and opportunity. For unlike the conservative divide and conquer party, rational people know we are all in this together even when we are not under dirrect attack, or hypothetical ones.

And for the pro McCain guy saying Barack was in school while McCain was living; My word! You need more than Faux News like ad-hominem reasoning to convince all but fellow cult members. It is a false dichotomy, based on a false premise leading to a false assumption with no context as applied to actually qualities of being a president. Unless the most familiar with the corrupt machinery of the power structure are believed to be your best rulers. Don’t nail too many of those planks together for your perch!

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  1. I happen to be a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton who plans to write in for her in the general election. I’m just not convinced that Obama has the right backbone to be an effective president. If we look back in our history, idealistic presidents usually don’t get things done. Jimmy Carter was a perfect example.

    FDR was the opposite. Although he was a great president, some of his tactics were not exactly pleasant. William Randolph Hearst, the father of yellow journalism, played a central role in FDR’s successful presidential bid. Needless to say, FDR’s presidential campaign was not exactly a clean campaign. During his time in office, FDR often bullied the congress and Supreme Court into giving him what he wanted. His leadership style was often characterized as aggressive and unyielding. I see some of FDR’s fire and determination in Hillary. Obama lacks the toughness necessary to get things done.

    Benafia here.

    I am afraid that Hillary’s bluster would be scene through just as I see through her. I find both her connections to the corporate way of life and her revolving rationalizations not as a quality of a great leader but one just as likely to spin her wheels into a dust hole.

    While both the final two candidates will bring unique coattails of energy to office, I have had it with double talkers. I do not see what of her positions she will succeed at, or even what some of them are anymore. Yes, both claim the same things more or less.

    At this point in time I am more concerned with the world view of the USA, in that, Barack Obama is by far the better symbol. Yes at times symbols are quite important. I also believe he will provide a unique access to those who have felt deprived for so long, and I look forward to the pressures they will put on him to “make” constructive changes to heal this nation. I am not going to draw type conclusions for past presidents, as times change and so do human perceptions of leadership qualities.

    That said; regarding president Carter. I never thought of Jimmy Carter as much of an idealist, although he was. I attended his last rally in San Fransisco, where he seemed defeated, since at that time the polls had him dropping fast. He seemed more of the wrong temper to command adequate respect, with the then ascendant right wing poison machinery running unchecked. Barack has shown more steadfastness under stress than the opportunistic emotive Clinton. She was great at blaming though, and shifting logical premises like a wind vane.

    I was eager to vote for her over a year ago, now, not much at all after her conservative modeled campaign, but I would vote for her if she were chosen. John McCain (the double-talk express) see’s her and many of her followers as fair game for acquisition for relevant reasons. This is itself quite troubling to comprehend.

    I personally would not lean to the protest idealism or voting for Nader or writing in anyone, since it is casting a half vote for the contemptuous disaster we already have. Not my view at all as to what the nation requires, in the real world, there is just far too much at stake. I do not see the guy who led Joe Lieberman across the floor to not get away with avoidance as an inherently weak personality at all. He did what he knew had to be done.

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