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Post Date; Sun June 8, 08. 12:30pm CDT

Oak Lawn under severe thunderstorm warning-Sun June 8, 08. 12:50pm CDT

Parts of trees blown down in Chicago area. Michigan is next for this line of storms .

This seems to be from June 7 2008 thanks to

June 7, 2008 – Chicago Hts, IL Tornado touches down and the engineer then takes off racing from the tornado. – Train Running From Tornado (June 7, 2008)

Another one below.–YouTube

This is 2006 tornado and funnel cloud activity in Chicago area. Thanks to YouTube.

Tornado Warning High Above Downtown

Tornado Rips Through Chicago Area – News-

Tornadoes tear through north, south suburbs :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

Loyola Chicago Tornado Video 2: Taking

…and here is a tornado site for those interested in all things tornado.  I am not affiliated with them.

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