CHECK IT!—–Todays views in my yard

Here are some photo’s of things going on in the yard. I planted all these, but many are third generation an spreading on their own.

The privet at the left is blooming brightly, followed by hollyhocks.

and the verbena below is spreading all over several yards

and see what I mean

and gold finches love the seeds of the orange flower below

bye.  That is my hand shadow on the wall near the branch division from trunk of tree shadow.  OK. It’s blurry.  I was waving.

One thought on “CHECK IT!—–Todays views in my yard

  1. Hey man, Love your work. You have an amazing eye, awesome colors too. I created a piece of art based on a photo of your I hope you like. I am a symmetric artist which means that I use mirrors and mathematics to uncover hidden dimension in naturally occurring shapes and images. I also have applied this technique to Masterpiece art with good results. The piece I created from your photograph was sort of whimsical in nature as I assume the feeling was when the shot was took. If you like my work let me know. I appreciate the feedback. Just starting out making new contacts you know how it is. The image created from your garden (wide-shot).

    Be Well,


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