What a dance through absurdity as I go through the political spectrum on my wordpress tags!

Obama’s wonderful, his wife/friend is truly proud of him. Obama and McCain are twins! Hillary conceding means women have been oppressed again!

Then there are the ones who say any vote is a waste, since they (candidates) are all identical. Or, I’m voting for the opposite party cause my favorite lost. What about some reality checking!

Do you really think that the first woman or black is of no importance? One is OK but not the other? I’m switching parties based on race or sex or age? Those “conservatives” of yesterday knew how to trade off favors and vote for many to their disliking, over common contempt for the liberals. The party of elite interest ran over the country with their demolition tractor some 25+ years now.  We have had an unprecedented administration that served the Republican party, and not the Republic.  Though some are surely deluded into believing the two area actually the same.

Now that some people who thought the conservative party was always superior have seen how utterly contemptuous the “conservatives” they have let in have been, this season, some might even vote for the Democrat, as long as it is not Hillary. Since she has been “branded” by those manipulative types way back when presumably. Some taggings never leave.


Some come to their senses over being used, while others may have never really had them? Certain liberals don’t like somebody, so they vote for their known opposite? It is apparent that Obama and Hillary are, as of now, very close on the issues claimed this election season.

Do you alleged switchers really intend to vote for the opposite of your candidates philosophical identity because you “feel” a loss is some kind of betrayal? It is as if we live in a nation (some segment anyway) who see democracy as a game, that they will then take their ball away if all the rules produce some end they do not like. What a bunch of babies.  We are faced with the corruption of the American commons by a self serving bunch of predatory opportunist seeking to fashion their own totalitarian state, and you are contemplating voting for their next stooge?  Children.  Get over your tantrum!

Now I know the forces at work in the culture seek overall stability, and some of that is currently to the detriment of many hardworking people. Some things will not change a whole lot, some will improve surprisingly so, yet it is always about steps that can be taken without falling and breaking the nations neck. Can we at least acknowledge the issues at hand, and where we can do some creative work for the betterment of all?  Unlike the bunch in their now driving the nations interest to ruin. No! Not if I don’t get everything I want! It’s all or nothing? I don’t like her voice so I’m voting for a guy?

While I would never think of voting for heart deprived conservatives living in fear of every insecurity card placed into the mailbox of their lives (at elections!), it has been astounding to see both old and young allegedly Democrats ready to profess to bolt from the electorate if they don’t get their way.

We may need a Cabinet post for the distribution of baby blankets.

NEWS BULLETIN: Breaking Bitter White People

It seems the bitter white people are still bitter about Obama’s pegging of their angst over being screwed by the very conservatism that seduces them as “good”. Bitterness remains, as it often does, when someone outside your group identifies certain pacifiers that hold your head in some ways under watter. When reactive emotions are used to distort the contextual meaning of a statement, that statement takes on the values of those using it for demolition purposes. Oddly, such statements can hold more reality than ever acknowledged by those reacting to the tagged version.

You (anyone) may see your attachment as a moral, virtuous and an honest necessity for your cosmological view.  We claim grand intentions for our self identity. While someone outside the group can see how your values are leveraged and wedged to get you to support a cause nearly opposite of those interest–the propagandist have you hooked on the pandered line of your own historical context. You, unable to see outside the box.  Instead of reacting like a child, adults can grow by examining the concerns others have of us.  An unexamined life has been called one not worth having.

The stresses of life, then, are projected onto scapegoats, just watch the “conservative” whipping-boy targets rolled out to seduce good folks to shoot themselves in their lives, coming to an election near you.  And if you vote, why not vote for someone who actually believes in the stability and change you honestly feel this nation should represent.

Here is a cartoon to lighten things up.  But Clinton supporters may not approve of it.

Note; a brief image of a profane F word, so rated R

Bateman: Hillary concedes nothing


  1. Hear, hear for the baby blankets! I like how you think. Fantastic write!

    Unbelievable how the citizenry hold only those self-evident truths that they hand pick and choose to hold close to the heart. All others are to be ignored or held hostage til these spoiled children, threatening to withhold their votes, get their way.

    When I was a kid and tried to pull a stunt like that, I’d get my britches warmed post haste. I’ll be so glad when the day comes we all have a paper-sack tan and none of this “us and them” crap will hold water anymore. Not that I expect to live that long, but it’d almost be worth making a reappearance just to see it.

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