{I happen to be someone who was one block from an EF5 41 years ago.}


Video shows tornado destroying house – [Cuomo Recipe] Ratings

Thanks to YouTube:

More Raw Tornado VideoParkersburg

Deadly Twisters Caught On

-Here are some other video’s compiled by someone on YouTube. You can see some of the variety of tornadoes for future safety sake. Suggestion: Some might wish to turn the volume down.

YouTube – Tornado Videos

and this one beleow shows an investigative storm chaser on the job

Tornado Samaras Video — National Geographic

and here is a well done all things tornado site:

Tornado Videos, Tornado Stock Footage, Storm Stock Videos

and in case you looked in to see that home in the flood break in two, here that is thanks to AOL;

See houses break in half from floods – AOL Video

After a short commercial, the Weather Channel has a few good tornado video’s, including that fast EF2 throug a parking lot.

Tornadoes caught on camera; watch twisters in action

My tornado story:TORNADO***CHASIE

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0107

Mayfield Tornado.

Image ID: nssl0107, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection
Location: Near Mayfield, Oklahoma
Photo Date: May 16, 1977
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)


  1. How come there have been so many videos of tornadoes being made available for viewing nowadays? I’m just curious. The Internet is wonderful, isn’t it?

    Benafia here

    Probably this years volume of many long track supercells, plus all the Video abilities just about everywhere these days. In my life I could have recorded at least 4-5 tornadic events from my homes. But as it is, now I am in a relatively low incidence area. I am a storm spotter, and report in to the local National Weather Service. Last night I showed one of their meteorologist the footage I had of a rotating supercell that came over last year with 20 minutes of hail and over 2″ of water in 45 min. He was interested in that particular storm since it did have a strong rotation signature and he was on the job at that time.

    Tornadoes can occur in all 50 states. We had to get off the interstate and duck the car under very dense foliage not likely to be uprooted as the storm roared in. Hail stripped half the leaves off the canopy but the car had no dents! The restaurant we went into lost power. We could not talk at times the hail made such a loud noise on that roof. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, the camera’s batteries went dead after a short filming.

    My first tornado experience is on my blog here. When I was 16 I predicted a tornado to someone one hour before it damaged the room I predicted it in (my 1 and only prediction). 33 people died in that EF5 tornado, 1,000 were injured. Most of the tornadoes I have been near were 1 block away. While it is happening it is awesome and terrifying. I try to give people a heads up here on how serious tornadoes are and where they are. When it come to decision time, where to hide, your fate seems immediately in your own hands.

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