Now we will see what the country is really made of. If it looks forward on something other than a fear based premise, or if various groups will be “wedged” by their own narrow perceptions, to effectively shoot themselves in the foot.

It has long been established that all of society benefits more under the Democrats than the Republicans. Even though the wealthy do better under the Dems., the poor do much better. That should not be hard, since the Darwinian contempt for the commons tenet of the conservatives, doesn’t care if the worlds poor, wherever they are, are the last on the back of the bus, or run over by it.

So now we will see if the corporate media does something like the 2-1 news bias for pro Bush vs Gore. If this attempt to brainwash the public by controlling perceptions occurs again, we will know the level of election reform necessary for the USA to become a real democracy, rather than a faux democracy manipulated by the inherent bias of power interest access currently controlling elections. But we can assume our perceptions are still to be set up like ducks in a shooting gallery.

Time will also tell whether the Democratic party’s recent attempts to act like the GOP, are turned back, or if a fraudulent duality regains prominence in a deteriorating state of governance; of, for and by the people.

In case one hasn’t noticed it, your rights are running further behind those of corporations.

We currently have a government unprepared for any commodity price going through the roof such as gas. What is the plan if half the population suddenly cannot even get to work due to high gas prices? One thing we do know; the plan should not be siding with the types that had their hero Regan take the solar collectors off the White House roof. When the predators are in control, public interest is kept far behind the greed of the few to take from the many. How did that contempt for a government having intelligent options turn out? We might well soon find out.

On the lighter side: An irreverent view of Hillary’s last primary speech. Note; rated R due to a brief appearance in print of a profane F word.

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