If you are like many of us, this mass extinction event is kinda like aging. When you are young, if anything, you are in a hurry to grow up. You seem to be going to live forever, but you are practical and might plan out a lifetime. You want to achieve this or that, career and family, travel the world, write the great novel inherent somehow to what you feel about life. You have time. Most days, the mirror looks back at you the same.

Then suddenly systems get compromised, perhaps your eyes need correction, your joints begin to ache much of the time, you might have some chronic condition that takes more and more of your now precious time. On the planetary scale; welcome to the shutdown. Now you might wonder; what were you thinking? You might speculate what took your mind off of this great blue, white and brown ball. Whatever happened to foresight?

Here we are now, plunging a relatively perpetual motion self replicating system into a possibly mortal phase. One half of the mass of the worlds land vertebrates has vanished, while humankind has quadrupled. Forest are vanishing at a phenomenal rate, so others can live like we do, as the adds suggest, and so you and I can have the kind of furniture the designer zeitgeist (these are Brazilian Cherry wood floors! Wow!) implies you are a self realized and accomplished individual. Our fantasies and expectations have become a noose around the earth itself, yet we are told to deny it, to get back to work, to own more so you are more invested in the machinery grinding the planet to a premature death. Are you going to be a contrarian?

This money making machinery of doom in the USA, is vested in the self destructive notions that conservatism, and a perpetually immature ego will provide. We are told God is in control, so there is nothing particular to do, or be oddly pure and wait for Armageddon. We are told Luddite leftist scientist are irrationally alarmist, how wrong they have been so they are wrong still, the jury is out. Well, the jury might be out, but Rome is burning. And the worlds isolationist/nationalist/conservative self preservation complexes, are trying to keep a subjective view of the world, where only our kind matter more. This penchant to favor division, will conquer us–for ever.

When the jury gets back, it will likely be too late to reverse the suicide pack now in progress. We will have let the voracious appetites of opportunism consume the ground from under our feet, and the support of most living systems on earth. The perverted assumptions that we must always be having more or we are losing must be reversed. The implied insecurity issues must be addressed.

The question is; who is awake and on the side of understanding global systems and the interrelationship dynamics of all things on earth? These are the ones who are both able and willing to demonstrate reason and evidence for the way to saving our home world from its prime under-examined and so out of control living agent of destruction; our fears, hopes and desires.

What will you decide our future will be?

A NASA photo.