Meet you at the Center of the Earth?

I just saw a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” commercial. How many of these have been made? I know it is science fiction and all, but we are supposed to believe in something basic–like gravity! T Rex or an associate was chasing the explorers with the earth shaking like in Jurassic Park, only the center of the earth is a point more or less.

I doubt if you could breathe anything there. So we have to suspend common sense somewhat, maybe I will have to see the movie, to know what I am talking about. (duh!) But it would be cool it there was this weightless scene at the dead center. Now that would be kinda fun. A center point where everything falls away from. Then the dinosaurs, ancient secret societies, along with various and sundry aliens, or missing stockings, could run upside-down in circles on the ground around it, but if you tried to cut across, you would bounce right back like a yo-yo. Then we could find out who figures out how to catch who before the center of the earth gets filled with stomach juices, or the theater.

As a kid I found Journey to the Center of the Earth movie a surreal alternate reality show. Where does it’s sun light come from? There was a scene with a fantastic surreal sunset at a sea I seem to remember. The water leaks down there somehow? Air holes reach down there from all the tunnels being dug to China?—You know; to bring the starving children your dinner leftovers.

What about the mantle or the molten core? Just throw those out for the sake of mystery? If so, lets just call it SCIFI Channels Stargate, and get the explanation of the planets “surface” at the center of the earth looking and acting like earths surface over with.

So there, big summer blockbuster movie people, take that. Boy. I sure showed them.

What do you mean no one will read this?

Update; Oooh!  I just saw more of a commercial on this movie and something like fireflies were swirling in the  middle of the scene.  Could it be that center point I was referring to?  Perhaps the next commercial will tell.  Keep checking in to find out how little else I know about this movie opening July 11 at a theater next  to the center of the earth near you.

The spoiler>

This Glorious EXTINCTION

This Glorious EXTINCTION

Welcome to Armageddon

I watched the History Channel last evening. There was a show on Armageddon. One preacher claimed the Bible is to be taken literally. How is that even possible?

Did the Bible come with instructions on interpretation? Did its authors not realize words and language change? For instance; that whole Lord thing was inserted by interpreters long ago, due to a feudal paradigm. Now it is literal?

Seems one has to be using literal for some other reason, for why do we need preachers if we could just read the Bible for itself? We could see for ourselves, being that we would not require interpreters to select specific passages and ad their own inflections and conceptual favored ideologies into the old words, which already have had this sort of adjustment. To be taken Literally? I think one must be intentionally deceiving, or incredibly naive about human interpretative skills to claim literal.

What the claim to purity does do, is induce a sense of surety to naive and easily manipulated followers, who do not know how to question false pretext, false dichotomy, false analogy and other disingenuous mechanisms of influencing perception when questioning is absent.

The audience listening to this preacher seemed eerily reminiscent of cult followers. They beamed at the horrors to come, and their special privileged dispensation for being the true believers. For one is certainly a true believer if one is following the unadulterated truth is one not? Well, you will never know if you do not know how to question. Oh, the odd trap of “faith”, but what exactly is the faith actually in? When in a cult, you just “know” what the words mean and how unique to your groups special perception this language is. It is as if you have a conduit right to God. What is more likely is that you are under the “spell” of circular logic thought matrices. The logic is sound when conserved into a ring of belief that often turns in on itself, the hypothesis proving the thesis. I this sort of belief system, the chance to know truth, at least conceptually, is short circuited.

For cults and some churches; we have a bank account of the bad created, then we are given our identity with the good as the way out. This helps generate a cowering and inactivated compliant/submissive following. This kind of preaching is where one plays the good cop and the bad cop, it is quite persuasive to susceptible individual response, which is often accompanied by a sense of belonging purpose, as one surrenders ones own identity to the one authority is proposing as the way out; the way to survive.

This is typical conditioning reaction to tyrannical conditions. In this case, survive a devastation event (or hell) and live happily ever-after in heaven. Scare tactics work. But what kind of follower, what kind of real person is one left with? A sycophant. One does not tend to detect a warm love from these anti-spiritual teachers, we sense dominator retribution. Their spirituality is fear and terror based, designed to scare you into line, but where is such a Pavlovian negative line likely to head one?

What merit is there actually in being a mind controlled slave to fear, with an interpretive conditional love as the love you believe in? Many in cults are very relaxed and confident; confident that they do not have to go through the stress of thinking for oneself, with ambiguity, contradiction, nuance and differentiations of degree to our actual limitations in understanding some (if not all) situations and events. Which is actually a more honest life?


This same phenomenon exist in the general society. We are given the glorious answers to our existential questions of where we are going and what we are doing. Much of it is all money based, and kind of like that preacher, if we can buy it we do not question it. We have achieved nirvana, or at least material gratification, until the materialist/consumption zeitgeist pushes us into the lack department once again. This is the worlds suicide philosophy joyously being glorified by each of life’s “upgrades”; money to do what you want; Yeah! Go where I like! Have the best of everything! Travel at will! See the world! Help drive it to extinction! OOPS! That one is not supposed to raise its voice there. We do not wish the literal interpretations of our actions! All of our growth is good for everyone, will end up being what is chiseled on humankind’s headstone. Yet more is better is worshiped as a golden calf.

For many of us, life is one big shopping mall. Even many religions pursue “shoppers” to gather to their store of bountiful afterlife somethings. Many decide to live their lives amassing a fortune so they will be “saved” later, since society is expected to not much give a damn about your personal fate. We are living in this literal interpretation of success and achievement. Sure some love and friendship is the icing on the cake, or what we claim is all important, but much of our lives otherwise are spent as slaves to the literal machinery of wealth and lack, with what we are going to do about it holding much of our attention.

As a volunteer for family violence resolution, it is quite common to find; yes we want and expect to be loved, but getting and having to survive is taking a constant toll on self worth and its resulting interpretations of others in relationship to us. Overall, we do not have the tools to understand one another. For those who have violence as a model of behavior established in their family or community of association, one finds the culture thinks one is weak if one “needs” to listen and have full empathy towards another human being. The church of real life may be preaching to us faithfully, but we are not interested in listening to the real world around us.

The interpretive church of materialism and consumptive human need is believed to be our literal faith. We are instructed by this human interpretive church, of our faith and need to have it continuously by implication and assumption. And we never question it, well not until it is nearly too late. it is amazing to see the real rebirth in those of us who realize love is the one and only thing worth serving. They beam in illumination right were they are, with nothing more to get or have. It is an immersion into a cosmic state of being, one where the world around us is in our direct care. If we do not care to know the consequences of our everyday actions, and the actions taken in our name, we will be the final producers of Armageddon.


Last evening, a nearby thunderstorm collapsed. It seems the rising air of the updraft bounced off the upper air and was forced down forming these mammatus clouds. This was not the usual severe thunderstorm formed mammatus clouds that seem more “crisp” than these.

and then

the sunset

This day’s weather sky chronology is on my weatherwild blog


Render human rights and justice irrelevant?

This question need be asked, since human consciousness is increasingly dominated by what is going on in the corporate world. Old organizations of law and order to protect the individual are atrophying, and being replaced by helpless and hapless citizens at the mercy of market manipulations. Speculation is turning the everyday commodities of life into the next potential gold rush. Those without their hands into these gold mines, becoming the ever new have not’s.

Just as trade agreements under the Clinton administration shipped good manufacturing jobs overseas, to be replaced by many lower paid ones in the service sectors, human rights embodied in the nature of the US Constitution are being shipped away. These are replaced by admonitions to become one of the ownership class or be left on the wayside. The cut tax ideology of death to the commons, is leaving the individual abandoned to their own devises (increasingly expensive at that), while corporations raise their price to cover cost while individuals are left with no such predominant right to exist. Politicians see the world as run by bigger and biggest business, and not whatever your personal concerns are, except to seduce you come election time.

Corporate theocracy, or market theology, the corporatocracy, are notions being forged to define trends of these emerging dominator paradigms. Along with the ever-present reprogramming of humankind’s identity interest by ad’s and ego based lack, the individual is left with little resource to truthful information as to the forces shaping their lives, along with their loss of control over them. We the People is a phrase becoming an anachronism. One of those quaint now “old world” concepts.

Politicians pander to these insecurities time and time again, some requiting constant fear to produce reactionary reptilian mindsets, and some promising community response where not much is likely to ensue, particularly with funds diverted to the ultra rich, which perhaps, a majority of a population would actually switch their lot in life for, they believe–the lottery’s.

These now institutionalized dementia’s are rendering the average citizen in the worlds increasingly irrelevant “democracies”, mere bystanders to the obliteration of their once held rights and human based value system assumptions. We are becoming not just cogs in the machine, but the debris of corporate collateral damage, of building monstrous self guided economic machines for the benefit of the ultra wealthy. That citizens are allowed to exist at all is perhaps one increasing reason why some are willing to wipe the whole planet out, if they do not get things their own way.

We are becoming a species run by smiling and pseudo-enlightened misanthropes, who do not give much of a thought as to what happens to the rest of us, just give them their guarantees to continue with their “good life”. To service this separation anxiety delusion, it helps to have these types idolized in the corporate media’s, being that they know what serves their own interest.

This reprogramming of humankind into being a service class to serve the new Pharaohs and other oligarchs, with their corresponding class of fellow privileged living in their own worlds detached from the average world citizen, is much like an expanded class–the pharaohs, being proclaimed as just the way it is. Just the way God intended. And since they control the media’s overall, they define perceptions of what reality is in the outside and inside worlds of conceptual comprehension.

The delusion of it all is, that the world is and always was one. All of this conquering and separating, all the hoarding and attempts at domination are all sure to collapse under the common sun. The potentially irreversible problem we all face is; as global warming may well render whole areas of earth unsuitable for large populations, along with mass migrations, just on this one subject we are running up to a wall, while pointing fingers. The multiplied stupidity of greed and fear based mindsets may press and stress the life supporting systems of spaceship earth beyond all containment. Once this space capsule is breached, exactly where do you think you are going?

This imposing, or imposed upon us all suicide pact being fashioned by the corporate world and its separation based delusional mental paradigms, is its own kind of Jonestown (1978 cult suicide event in northwest Guyana) . The true believers telling the rest of us we just have to be this way, there is nothing else to do. And there is that legion of blind sycophants, pushing the corporate world view as the one road to success. It is a success over drinking the prepared mix, then hoping for a painless end. Wake up soon, or you will be put to sleep one way or another.

It is up to each one of us to untie the strings of separation ideologies trying to drown our sense of community contract in the “bathtub”. Not all of these self serving delusions are of what we can think of as a consciously organised conspiracy to enslave us. They will, however, end up doing the same. They will bind us to a terminal fate for life on earth with their cancerous competition until resources expire, or the ill will generated by that competition will induce men to follow out their fight to the death suicide programing. Only love will produce that light at the end of this tunnel. Who exactly will give that to you? It is you.



{I have found that this post is being liked to at another blog. Oddly, the topic is not quite in sync with that one, but I will address it in this little box up here.

I wonder what kind of head in the sand citizenry we have; after we have just witnessed the misleading “intelligence” and ideological impairment that lead to the Iraq war. This in no way judges the nature of the troops involved; they serve America with their lives, period.

But to have a sycophant like belief that “experts know better” letting we citizens off the consequential and moral hook, is unconscionable. This very mistrust of thinking for oneself, because there are special secrets and things we do not know, so our government is to be trusted blindly, is what made the Nazis what they were. Propped up by those who “know more” about what life is about, and so what is correct in world politics. It is astounding the degree of dissociation from responsibility some people can rationalize; to not even need the actual truth!

Hey. Any old lie will do. I’ll march blindly behind you like a lemming. And then I will not question why I did when I find I was misled. I’m a good servant, master. Real good and reasonable. Whatever you do right or wrong I’m with you.

How in the world will the world ever change as long as the excuse of loyalty is allowed to condemn truth to the sidelines? We are witnessing it.

Might seem “practical” and well conditioned to low expectation citizens, but not Thor who know that a nation acts in their name, and not the other way around.}


It has been curious to see McCain’s attempt to reestablish his “maverick” status. It is a test in naivete, if one is truly fooled into thinking the Republican Party will actually be an environmentally sensitive one. If history is our gauge, and not political posturing, they are to be dragged to the global warming realities by boats cruising through the former North Pole.

However, most voters are known as “low information” voters. The majority of your fellow citizens flags often blow with the presumed zeitgeist of the medias most importance list. They presumably will believe what they see and hear as presented over major media sources, no matter the ingrained influence pedaling of those very corporations. Just as a usual 70% of a given population side with authority figures in times of stress, especially foreign fear induce stress perceptions, the “low information” citizen is like a kind of duck in a perceptual shooting gallery.

Those under the influence of cognitive dissonance induced opportunism mindsets, can be turned on a dime at times by the right fear matrixing. They can hear and believe the conservative is environmentally sensitive, just as they were sure of compassionate conservatism not too long ago. Orwellian notions are often perceived on their word, and not the context of their substance and the facts relative to their theoretical honesty. That is scary. The right fear can turn many of our fellow citizens into go along with the pack robots, following the Pied Piper to the sea.

We can assume the population has become a little more informed about the party of the most right, so McCain’s strategy has to now achieve a “look” of disconnection from the ideological Tower of Babel of this current administration. He is certainly off to a questionable start at this. There will be a host of these forward looking stances by the representative of the most backwards based elites that are the bulwark of the more conservative party. Similarly, Obama will now have the “look” of many conservative notions as his new found passion. This is politics, and it is primarily directed at these low information voters. So it is curious how some spend so much energy on these seemingly contradictory positions of both candidates. Ooooh! Did you hear what Barack Obama said? Ooooh! Did you hear what John McCain said? Ooooh!

Personally, I would not be too surprised if either of these two “reached across the aisle” in their administrations. If they have any desire to get this country off the divide and conquer mentality gridlocking progress, the current administration’s policy of exclusion of all but simpering sycophants, is a history lesson in totalitarianism (for now) light. Any party should conceive of its nation as the whole nation, and not just their personal church or fellow travellers.

I naturally have more faith in liberals and progressives to have a information based philosophy, compared to the make believe, plunder and run accident to our nation still in progress. Hey. I remember who they are, how they behaved, and the bill given over to us to pay. We have just spent nearly 8 years accumulating damage to the commons, the soul of America. Now that has to be assessed and addressed with all we have. That said; I do expect the next president to include diverse philosophy’s in their administrations, or we are had.

Idealism, populism and the practical realities of American elections

To some it will spell hypocrisy, to others, practicality. We can spin any subject or comment or position in our own philosophical direction. It is common at elections, for the right in particular, or those not for a certain candidate, to find a contradiction, large or small, and then proclaim they are all alike. Usually this ends up to be a platform to doubt all one says or stands for, a politically expedient but not necessarily truthful conclusion.

Unfortunately, because we are trapped into a corporate echo chamber of issues, and the big money required to get them into position to overwhelm your opponents attacks or positions, we can expect a certain likeness will tend to dominate the presentation of ideas. Those who appeal to populism should be held accountable for what they do or do not deliver on their promises.

We could argue that election manipulation and terror manipulations kept the Bush administration from being held accountable to many conservatives and their prior proclamations of compassionate conservatism. If anything, “compassionate conservatism” by this administration was a ploy and a concept much more retarded than assumed. They ended up being compassionate to the most wealthy of conservative power interest, and not the assumed truly disadvantaged who were so often left to drown in the bathtub.

However. We can now see how the failings of the populist voice of the Bush administration, no matter how phony it now seems, that failure is generating the demise of the right wing take over machinery of the Republican Party, (and then of America), who attempted to restructure government to exclude contrary ideas, political parties and opinions. If we are still capable of carrying out an honest election, that concept perhaps being an oxymoron, we will likely see the rebound from the damage caused to the the Great American Commons. Unfortunately, due to corporate dominance of so many aspects of society, that rebound to common sense might take long, be consistently attacked, and be made to seem to make little sense at all.

For the Obama fund raising issue being turned into a watershed revelation by interest concerned with existentialising the debate. Here is a link to a fairly balanced perspective, though certainly some will not hold that view.

Unless elections are both equal and fair in their limitations and abilities, having optional public funding is a political gimmick. A pretense that we can have fair elections if we were really interested, but any obvious disequilibrium will cause an opting out. Democracy, however, is dependent on a fair playing field. The way it is now, elections are still at the mercy of money and media access; they control democracy’s fate to a great extent. What you hear about who and for what reason, has become a business decision. Now how fair, and to what philosophical perspective is that bias likely to favor?

Obama’s Refusal of Lobbyists’ Money Has its Limits –

Apr 22, 2007 Although Obama took no money from Exelon’s Washington lobbyists, he accepted …. from corporate donors should be required to wear a jacket