Hurricane Season–2008


UPDATE: At 7:30pm,CDT Tornado warnings were out just northeast of Tulsa OK, and Northeast of Minneapolis.

Washington DC, Philadelphia, in Tornado watch.–5/31/08-12:30pm, EDT

Hurricane Season seems to be starting near day one. A tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean seems to be developing. There appears at this time to be little “Shear”, especially the extreme kind that tears the tops off of thunderstorms and inhibits development. For some huricane seasons this can retard development enough to keep the US out of intense hurricane events.

This year is expected to be above average in storm development. Shear and large scale steering current patterns, can mean storms stay well off the Eastern Seaboard, or stay south into Mexico and Central or South America. The less of these manipulative factors on storm development and direction, it seems the more difficult it is to predict where storms will go. With the Caribbean being kind of docile at the moment, we will have to keep a close eye on just what happens with these tropical disturbances.

Your Tropical Link:

National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center

To check it all out. a NASA link;

Tropical Storm Cindy July 5, 2005: Tropical Storm Cindy (NASA/ MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, Aqua satellite, Jeff Schmaltz)

The link below seems out, but I’m leaving it in just in case you would like a check in with NASA

NASA Hurricane Resource site.

MODIS image of the day
: Typhoon Nakri

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  1. Benafia: What a joy you are to me. Now, I have to know who this is Australian guy is as I probably know him. My life is always like this. Coincindence is a regularity event for me, and it always means something. Next door to my house, my lovely neighbour treats wild burds that are injured, beautiful parrots from all over this end of Australia end up there, when sick and unwell; he mends them and sets them free. Each morning I wake up in a kind of bird song paradise. My cats are fairly well behaved in the matter os birds, except for my renegade Cassandra who is a strange deity. We have no dog, though that is about to change. We, here, love this planet, and work on all levels to keep its fragile ecology stable, despite the monstrous actions of Governments and mutlynationals greed. You should read a story on my website entitled Convocation of Arcgo Anthropologists, set in the future, regarding the consequences of our actions as a species. My God, I do believe, that it we can all change on the micro level and divest our collective unconscious with its obsession with materialsim, some things may become possible. But we may be too late, I do not actually know if the human species can change in time. The children will, no doubt, deal with it.
    Kate McNamara June 7th 2008. 9.07 a.m( Australian time)

    THE IMPORTANCE BETWEEN STARS is my article that has the Australian guys photo with some “stars”. I will try to get a real link to it here, but I will need to save this and try to grab it somehow.

    This might work below.

    We once had green parrots here, I saw photo’s of flatbeds full of them in old Tucson photographs–they were eaten to extinction here some 75 years ago. It may be difficult to reintroduce them wiht all the development since.

  2. As I said my eldest son is dead, he did not live long enough to publish anything, had he lived, I believe he would have understood Meteorology better than anybody on this Planet. My second son, Emris Michael Merlin McNamara, is just finishing Marine Biology at James Cook University in Queensland. He is interested in storms at sea and undersea explosions and lava eruptions. He believes we can save the coral in the deep sea that has only recently been discovered. All my children are committed environmentalists. My youngest son is only 12 years of age. His name is Conor Anthony Alwyn McNamara, and he wants to save the entire Planet. I think he probably will, he’s quite determined and has a lot of mates. If we do not believe that our children can somehow evade the coming of ecological changes on an unprecedented scale, who else can we believe? Love your blog, please stay in contact, aint nothing in the world like people who are like minded. Do you have children? Cats? Dogs? My house is like a menagerie: possums, wild birds, snales , every kind of wild parrot that flies this region( which is the Australian Capital Territory, home to the capital of Oz, Camberra) also lots of moths, bugs etc. Weather here can be truly unpredictable. The indigenous people, the Nunawal understood it once. Anway take care, take risks.
    Kate McNamara

    I am really impressed with the grand view of your children. The planet has brought them online just in the nick of time! But I’m sure you helped.

    We have 5 cats in house, 3 out, and a dog that is mostly outside. We also have doves outside, hawks, vultures, Mexican Blue Jays, Cardinals, many humming birds, quail, gophers, tarantulas, wolf spiders, black widow spiders, bark scorpions plus other types, Palo Verde Beatles 3-5″ long, fire ants, Africanized Bees, leaf cutter ants, large cicadas and very shows grasshoppers. But in summer, a few mosquitoes bother me the most.

    My partners sister is married to a great Australian guy whose sons are in show business, one becoming a movie star!

    Keep up the good life.

  3. Your work is amazing, we all need to thank you truly for your courage and ingenuity in following planetary weather patterns. I wish you all the best. In Australia we do not have this specific problem, as yet; although I know we have an increase in mini tornadoes and more inverse circularity in Clear Air Turbulence on flights over 45,000 feet. It is not a situation that is likely to improve. As Australia is the most vulnerable and largest island on the planet we need forewarning wherever possible. Meterology was the specialist field of my eldest son, Eamon James Devalera McNamara who is now deceased. I,therefore, always feel compelled to keep up with his initial work in this field; he had an extraordinary feel for weather patterns and changes and was, of course, fascinated by Ball Lightning. Please advise of any Australian developments via my blog :
    Kate McNamara

    Thank you for this comment. I was emptying my water barrels during a Tucson Monsoon Season thunderstorm, trying to guess when lightning would not strike. I pulled the five gallon bucket out and was walking across the front porch when something almost like an electric arm rolled off the roof, holding out in its “hand” a glowing, seemingly transparent orb, which proceeded to pop and sound almost like glass breaking. Then the main thunder hit and all that was left was the spray shooting off the roof onto the ground. I also had an aunt in Chicago in the 1950’s who had a ball of lightning roll from the front door to the heating vent, burning a track across her carpet. Some have associated ball lightning with gas or ionization but I am not up on that topic at the moment. I might check out your sons work. I am aware of Sydney’s impressive hailstorms.

  4. I’m not a meteorologist; but from what I have heard, an active tornado ‘tends’ to coincide with a less active hurricane season (or is it the opposite). If this is true (you can confirm this), the U.S. might be spared this year. I hope it is the case.

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