I have found that phrase implicitly naive. Why? It sounds like a kid saying I’m going to show them! I’m going to make a noise and get attention for a second. Then some observer says the kid is having a tantrum, but the other kids think; “Right On!”, or whatever kids think these days about identifying with their groups identity.

I’m going to speak up! Someone might hear me then. I’m going to say what everyone seems not able to say. Then I will have said it. No, nothing will change. But people will say; Did you hear what was said? I can’t believe it! Someone actually said it! They went and spoke truth to power! So there power! Take that!

What did you say!

Oh, nothing. I was talking about someone else actually. I was just passing along an opinion of what they said. That is all.

Alright then!


I am not against speaking truth to power, but in its own way, the phrase seems to me like the chants people apparently think they have to say when they go on demonstrations. Sometimes, those have the “look” of childish games, people laughing and having an entertaining event while they do it. Seems to take the true sense of seriousness away from the actual intent of the occasion. It makes it seem as though they are anachronistic and redundant, because they do not know what else to do, so they do something they know every other demonstration seems to have done. Life on automatic pilot. Then in the media it is pegged; Oh. One of those.

Saying these lines or phrases makes it kinda seem like no one is actually thinking. They are just repeating what they think they have to say. A supposedly catchy phrase that speaks you know what to you know who. The next one comes along and repeats that, and now we have a self replicating notion that goes on to occupy idle minds. Hit the play button.

My opinion of course.

I know the leftist traditionalist (conservatives) will disapprove of any self review. No one should speak a contrary truth to their assumed power point.

Oh! I just did it myself.