There may be some three and one quarter million (shortly) blogs on the WordPress.

So let us ask this question: WHY DO YOU DO IT?

For many, it is not money apparently, but time is spent typing and coming up with whatever it is you come up with. Why do you do it? There, alone at the lonely keyboard? Today, just on the WordPress, some 100,000 something of you will type out many millions of words. Each word cost .01 calories to produce. This results in a net loss of carbon footprint; than if you were out walking, or talking with someone making body gestures and such. But close to being a couch potato. Perhaps a high definition onion.

Point number one; I just made up that calorie figure.

The blog-o-sphere Internets tubey thingy is full of unverifiable information, suggestions, conceptions, and notions, plus many things I will not mention. Amidst all this highly questionable material, still you decide to blog, and one of you actually decided to read this post.

Point number two; The search for meaning and affirmation in a life of disconnection.

Despite the anonymity inherent to most post, many continue their search for existential meaning on the WEB. For some, it is the opportunity to be heard, no matter how ridiculous ones expression is, or how much you are ignored in the real world. Observe the invisible one typing at this moment. Yes, you typer, this is the Great Spirit of the Internet asking you, why do you persist? Is it in the vain hope that the collective information of the Internet will evolve into the future life form of humankind’s destiny, and in this thin prospect, you place yourself as a serving on the plate of being? Just in case that other afterlife thing does not work out as advertised?

Point number three; Nutty and flashy titles get attention. Is this cheep billboard self glory the reason why you type? That search to have someone possibly like what you do, buy into the premise by curiosity, unconcerned with whether that promise of the lead-in is delivered?

Observe the standard titles of many top post (this one excluded of course-writers prerogative to declare reality.), titles often seem intellectually/emotionally immature, yet the interest grabbed is worth the effort to come up with a better fish hook. Subtext secret point number four; The self confidence natural to being the editor and producer of your own blog lets you speak in utter certainty about things you can never be certain of. At least not as certain as you let on.

{But since it is late, I will discontinue this post now, yet insert tags and categories, a bunch of them, just on that odd chance that someone, yes just one, you, will listen to even things without perfect endings.}

Wait! I’m back. It is morning now. But do not be concerned about my bracketed comment above. I did post a version of this last night on a side, allegedly humorous blog of mine.

Point number five; Many of us feel intimately connected to those who read our post, as if they were allowed into our very personal lives. Is this letting down of ones personal borders to often invisible acquaintances going to prove to be a good thing?

By now, readers who Post may be getting concerned at the apparent cynicism of this post. Why does this person incline his perspective into the negative? Well, let me tell you. I am trying to be a kind of smart Alec, in that I am posing self reflective questions and projecting them onto a theoretical audience. This personal attachment helps to put some bite into objections I have notice about my own blogging and the blog-o-sphere in general. We often object to things in others, which we should look at within ourselves to be honest.

I believe it is a good thing to ask critical questions to “reality check”, unlike some entities, lets say, politicians and their doings. They must pretend they are always absolutely right in the moment, their position unquestionable. Unfortunately, this is almost never wholly true. Our conditioning to this perceptual bipolar disorder of consciousness lets us escape with our own cognitive dissonance perhaps, but what good is that? I believe there are many fine people on the WEB posting, and you might well be one of them.

My post that went into a days top ten was not about anything involving critical thinking, it was over an occurring news event. My blog statistics have doubled in a week by being a reporter of facts. This has been a shocking revelation. I am somewhat new to Internet blogging, and assumed it would be into debate and critical thinking issues. For the newcomer, this has not proved to be my case. Posting involving the cranking of the minds wheels instead of just info (less cranking?), have a trickle compared to the latter. Much research of discernible facts seems to be going on from my view, yet a persons ideas are relatively off the radar.

I imagine for the famous political and social commentary bloggers, this is definitely not the case. One fact of mine is true however, of what might well become 10,000 readers of my news stories, I have received many more comments from thought provoking post. I am more interested in the commentary and the threads that develop, than raw numbers of viewers.

Point number six; Are we creating alternative communities to the extent, that being a “normal” human being might become, a person with real friends, and one with friends and associates in cyberspace who provide confidential (of sorts) personal advice, plus a selective fountain of information sources with nearly unlimited gathering and dispersing potentials, that renders the “normal” person, both highly informed and armed with information and ideas that lead to self empowerment.

If point number six is relevant, one is to remain at a kind of mercy regarding the developments and or inhibitions to come to the WEB. There are already kinds of inhibitions for search engines that bias to the most viewed source, as if viewer hits define actual intrinsic values of worth. It might and certainly might not.

Human consciousness arguably exist in at least four dimensions. Your thoughts are somewhere, and evidence seems to indicate they many cross space-time to others subconsciously (a kind of WEB). Test on clairvoyance, for instance, go well above statistical probabilities of proof for the existence of the phenomenon telepathy. This writer has had innumerable instances, including the prediction of a tornado one hour before it hit where the prediction was made. That was the only tornado prediction I ever made. However, tornadoes were hitting other places at the time I predicted it! Coincidence, right?

I will leave this post before the person reading falls to sleep and hits their own keyboard, causing some heretofore unknown Internet catastrophe to careen across cyberspace, unplugging us all.  We will then be back in to a form of stone age, having to resort to that old WEB.

I know! I was not aware of how much influence I had either!

and Jimmy calling me to come into the cat pen and play. I built the adobe outdoor room.