WHAT WILL THAT EVENT BE, the one that turns the tide solidly to the might makes right, right wing? The Iran angle setting up just in time to peak at elections?

Conservatism may be as impoverished a philosophy as ever, being that it has a chronically dysfunctional take on current events, and what are the rights and responsibilities of a whole free people. That inbred ideology of exclusion may have backfired and created the illusion, that power moves by the right wing are on the wane, since the exposure of blatant cronyism, incompetence and corruption. But are they?

Here is a link to an article on the fall of conservatism.

Noteworthy in this argument, is a paragraph about a third of the ways in, that describes the acts of Dick Cheney hours after the Florida recount boat was sunk, and democracy overthrown.– The plans to divide America and the world in two.

What is not said in regards to the upcoming election is; to what lengths will the neocon agenda go to insure their perpetuation into the future? And just who will prevent the next run up to war, or the occurrence of another reactionary driven event, that will scare We the People into knee jerk like conformity, bowing to the jingoist mentalities and war worshiping that come to idle before the public consciousness?

The plundering of the Great American Commons continues unabated, by the philosophy that only corporations or “free” entrepreneurs have the right to raise prices to cover their cost, while the rest of us are left like the residents of New Orleans 9th Ward. “Should have lived somewhere else. Should have been prepared. Should have had some sense. Should of had 5 million dollars. Should have been born into one of those rich families with the welfare for them state and lovely compound by the sea.” Inflation and job income reduction are siphoning away the dollars purchasing power, and how much access to it one has. I’m sure the rich and powerful feel the empathetic pain of those living paycheck to paycheck–not.


These blame the unprepared individual conceptions, are the contrapuntal notions sifted out to settle on public consciousness, when the reality that society has been engineered to provide freedom of access to the wealthy above all else, is considered “class warfare” talk. It has been estimated that you will need, currently, one million dollars to retire “comfortably”. How much preparation will any of us have had when gas gets to $5, then $10 a gallon? Everything will cost much more (already is!). Unfortunately, this is what often motivates empire imperialism to war.

Hey, don’t you want the benefits of taking stuff away from others, otherwise once called booty or plunder? We are currently living “high off the hog” from the efforts of near slave labor in China and other places, that is disguising our national decline with a national worldwide credit card. All while producing a lifestyle that is condemning the environment to collapse. Breaking the “Golden Rule” makes for tangible short term gain. But what of the future? The “blowback”? Don’t worry. Conservatives will find someone else to blame as always. They cannot help it! That is what cognitive dissonance will do for you.

The people of the USA, as well as the world, need to have a very long talk, just to start the coordination needed to handle upcoming events. Most conservatism is shooting the present and the future in the foot with delusions of grandeur about the past. And some of them are counting on annihilating one another. Too bad if we all are caught in the crossfire.

A country of, for, and by the people?

Who is the butt of that joke?

Guess who has been under attack all along?

Kansas tornado warning –5-26-08

Update video link:

May 22 2008 Grainfield, KS Beautiful Tornado –

And other news links:

Washington Post
Iowa town measures the loss after deadly tornado

May 27, 2008

Kiowa county KS, tornado detected on Doppler radar–5:20pm,cdt Monday, Memorial Day 2008

Several deaths yesterday; Parkersburg, New Hartford Iowa. Sirens went off prior, and helped save many lives. 6 killed and 70 injured in Parkersburg.

Here is an MSNBC link to stories and photo’s of storm damage.

Memorial Day severe weather–5-26-08


44 reported tornadoes yesterday, May 25, 2008

Many county’s around and including Saint Louis are in a flood watch.

No severe weather watches as of yet, unfortunately the day is not over. Two very large thunderstorm complexes are moving through the center of the nation. One large storm complex is moving east from East tern Kansas and Oklahoma into Missouri. The other is in Western Kentucky and Tennessee, moving in an easterly direction. Kansas-Oklahoma and Ohio are expected to be the general centers of severe weather today. Risk of severe weather will extend somewhat around and east of these areas, all the way to Western New York State.

In case anyone does not know it; there are weather radio’s that will warn you of coming storms in your areas, and the Weather Channel has a service where they will call your cell any time of day when your area is under severe weather conditions.

2:30pm,cdt. A tornado watch box has gone up in east Texas Panhandle, Western Oklahoma and central-west Kansas.

Large squall line travelling eastward across Tennessee, just passing through Nashville.

This video will show an example of a tornado forming just where the below photograph describes.

Amazing video of multiple tornadoes in Northwest Kansas

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0049

Severe thunderstorm with a clear slot near main updraft core. Typically a tornado, if present, will form in this area.

Image ID: nssl0049, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection
Photo Date: 1982
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

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