Tornado near Bismark–40 min, one may be near Fargo ND-24-May-2008 21:08:23 CDT


Tornadoes are going this Saturday evening in the High Plains and Great Plains. Most activity is now in the Dakotas, but watch boxes are moving out north and east. Tornadoes again today in Oklahoma.

Fargo North Dakota may have a tornado pass near to the north in approx 35 min.

These seem to have spared Fargo and Bismark!

National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary


Not that Patagonia, the one in Southeast Arizona.

Patagonia Arizona is a kind of artist colony/bird watching tourist spot. On weekends motorcyclist from around Arizona come through on their Southeast AZ cooler, greener winding road tour, getting out of hotter Tucson and who knows where.

Lot’s of oldsters come through, as they do in many AZ tourist spots. Author Jim Harrison lives there in winter. Other artist as well live around and in the hills.

Inside the “Gathering Grounds”. A nice coffee shop/eatery, where the locals and everybody else hang out at times.

and more GG. Local artist hang their works regularly on the walls-for sale.

and out the car window at the countryside leaving town west.

and back at my house.


Remember all that has been given to us by our hero’s this Memorial Day


I noticed that I broke into the top ten post on WordPress yesterday.

If you had wondered what are the stat. thresholds to get to that degree of observation. Here
are what mine were.

My post of the day topped out at just under 1,926 hits. My blog had a 2,396 hits.

Number one could be many times that number I imagine.

I would guess that that is probably what you would need to get into the top ten. In time that number will likely only go up as WordPress continues to press ahead.