It is a time tested truth; that anyone or thing reduced to parts, is easier to deal with. Sometimes this tactic, and or strategy, to overwhelm ones nemesis-(meaning here, an alleged evil that appears to harbor a latent superior power), this divide and conquer power move is blatant enough to those being parted out as the evil ones. However, when it is used politically to fissure away ones identity, to disassemble it by negative inference, then rebuild it under the umbrella of positive ideals that are in the hands of a power structure, it is being applied to each individual self. Divide and conquer under this context takes on the appearance of personal values, what one identifies as good or essential to personal and societal order, thus to survival.

Liberalism has always been under attack. Liberalism, as it pertains to governments, resulted from overwhelming revolutionary forces that either attained a vast population majority to overthrow oligarchical/monarchical status quo’s enforcers (American Revolution), and or produced a symbiotic empathy among significant numbers of the ruling class elites that initiated a kind of moral imperative to change the status quo (civil rights movement).

In the latter case’s, it was likely the artist and intellectuals that offered the reasoned dialectic to alter the nature of social and societal contracts. We came to see one another as less endowed by our stations in life, and more equal due to moral and ethical imperatives like the Christian Golden Rule, the Categorical Imperative, and other beliefs that assume a common value to each human life regardless of hereditary endowments.


These revolutionary ideas were most often kept in the abstract in many ways. When the American Revolution was completed; all men were allegedly create equal with rights endowed by their Creator, however, indigenous men and black slave men (someones “property”) were not even on the radar of the “universal right”. Women were not mentioned no matter what nature of woman one was. The fulfillment of the liberal ideal was to take time–because human identities were already deeply divided by persistent conservative notions that negated the “advance” of liberalism by selective use by advantaged groups, and consensus ways of being (group mindsets). Most conservatism has in its thought matrices the conservation of power structures to one groups advance above all others. Conservatism “advances” to undercut liberalism and its attendant freedoms and responsibilities, for it is in fundamental reactionary opposition to them.

We have a new kind of dominant oligarchical form these days; the corporation. We have seen that the “individual” corporation acts as both a shield from real individuals responsibilities to those who make up the corporations power structure, and supplies dividends to those who buy into the corporation by shares=a pyramid owning gambling scheme. This new dominant pseudo-life form has reduced the rights of individuals even in alleged democracies. Corporations, the big influential and transnational ones, are dividing societies into a new dimension of feudal order. Democracy’s power of We the People is atrophying constantly, as hierarchical interest reorder societies and culture into a homogeneous world culture which maximized predatory capitalism’s market share.


The “Super powers” were in conflict over which paradigm would rule. Both cold war superpowers claimed to be for freedom of one kind or another. The USA cast the conflicts brand name into a freedom vs totalitarian order. (The side using the concept naturally applies its own selective positives to it valiant motives.) The USSR viewed the conflict abstractly as one of individual freedom and equality by them, vs. a vast array of money making schemes that oppressed peoples inherent rights to be free and equal.

Both notions of freedom were highly self delusional in practice, not so unlike the, “all men are created equal” while many men were not even given the dignity of respect as a man. This; oops we forgot to include you all in our idea, applies to many notions that can derive from the concept of freedom as well as other abstraction, some in apparent opposition depending on what ones interest are. These all become weapons in the battles to control human perception and identity. Divide and conquer comes home to you and me. We must reach a consensus on what is the reality of the abstraction, or we will continue to find ourselves at odds over the very same words seeming opposite out of the others mouth.


This battle to divide us in a war that seems unending. It shows up in one way or another in most all societies regardless of political, religious or even spiritual identities. We are trapped in this vice of apparently competing self interest that when under pressure, has us tribalisize our identities into us against them conservative notions of superiority and inferiority constructs. In America we see this happen over and over again come election time.

Because the conservative agenda seems to be waning at the moment, the wedge, or divide and conquer right wing attack machine will be geared up to plunder the nutrients from an American public, so anorexic as far as critical thinking abilities are concerned. These manipulators need try to assemble some likely plurality of the population that either identifies with a superiority complexes self ideals, or else convince many that the likely liberal other side is out to undermine all that is good, right and holy. This requires many cognitive and dissociative tricks to be played.

Tricks that are only valuable to those who are subject to being tricked. Subjects such as these need to assume a fear to make a logical “jump”. Stresses need be instilled into the population to help induce anxiety and so automatic interest in the conservative argument. The corporate media allows these tricks to take place and considers them fair overall. Tricks, or otherwise deceptions, are given the right of truth in argument. Realities have eaten away at the facade of conservative superiority both internationally and in domestic “moral” argument. It is hard to be the party of morals when despite all the suppression of incompetence, their own contempt of public good will and their corruption riddled conservative power structures has been nearly impossible to keep from the light of day without a totalitarian state. They will then, be in pursuit of creating a totalitarian mindset.


Each election season the same tricks and shell games are rolled out. By both parties, true, but a scale of magnitude order more by the right wing. The right wing actually has a kind of asymmetrical advantage over the more left. Liberalism requires understanding, often of complex and nuanced issues that will contain elements of both ambiguity and contradiction. Liberalism is a movement towards more freedom of the individual overall. It has not always accepted the responsibilities of that freedom for it is caught in the vice of partial dysfunction and the appearance of lack of moral and accountability virtues. This “evil” comes with the nature of liberalism existing amidst overlapping historical dysfunctions across the whole of society, and the permissiveness necessary to allow individuals to experiment and make mistakes in their own lives.

The liberal “realities” make them a ready made scape goat for conservatism’s self perpetuating dysfunctional state of exclusion. If we can get a population to become relatively uneducated in the liberal arts and sciences, we can have people much more susceptible to the cults of exclusion. We can have people who do not wish others to be around them. We can have people who will let ignorance be their guide, instead of understanding. We can have the population become their own ducks in the power structures shooting gallery. We can do these things and have those people, enough of them, to win an election or get close enough to allow the compromised electoral process to change the actual outcomes of election. Once again, these realities will appear absurd to the uninformed or those already suffering under the influence of a stealth reasoning’s bias masquerading as a fact based truth.

Dominator conservative interest around the world are bound to be in some ways at war with one another, since they are all trying to dominate human market share. We have economic systems seeking their freedom to spread to all quarters, and religious and the sociocultural ideologies that feel themselves intrinsically superior and destined to dominate the world because of; fill in the blank——-. Those who hold these view’s feel entitled to rule the world. Feeling entitled to own the world conversely has conservative interest feeling they have every right to destroy it.

It is conservatism that is pro destruction, pro most wars of acquisition, pro violence and terror applied to societal order etc. They are essentially anti-spiritual, in that might makes right to their adherents, and not unbridled understanding to discern likely fact and truth of the matters at hand. Rules and regulations rule the day. It is odd how the attempt by governments (representing the peoples greater interest presumably) are attacked by conservative interest when government attempts to hold all individuals responsible for the effects of their actions. We will see these so called principled conservatives do the opposite of their alleged moral tenets when it is to their advantage to do so. (ex; activist Supreme Court (conservatives) doing in states rights Supreme Court to throw election one way–to conservatives.)

Pollution, human exploitation, these kinds of generic taking of something wholesome from the commons and leaving it in disarray, is considered a right of privilege by those who benefit by the opportunistic advantage over others. They will codify these perverted rights into restrictions of human freedom. The big bad government interfering in our lives. This is exactly why opportunist need to make others believe they are themselves recipients of the predatory advantage, inducing cognitive dissonance into the equations of reason.


And here we are; the USA is debating whether to remember the corruption and gross incompetence of the predatory interest and their primary party, or join in a movement towards collective and common responsibilities to freedom and accountability for the effects of ones actions. The tricks are coming under the shells; gays are taking our morals away; liberals are killing the unborn; government is telling your business what it can or cannot due; they are out to take your guns away; our freedom to slant elections is an attack on freedom of speech; the tax and spend liberals are going to impoverish you, etc, etc. These arguments are only valid if ignorance can trump common sense. Common sense must be overturned, emotionalized into ad-hominem bias towards conservatives alleged confident rationalizations.

We have seen government grow more than ever under conservatism. Each tax cut for the rich goes somewhere other than to you. Your tax cut means that stealthy tax called profit is going to eat up your new found excess. Only now you do not even receive the benefit of the taxes effect on the targeted problem. Taking reasoned debate out of consideration of tax reform, leaves that ever growing burden on the population, on the general population, while the wealthy have options to do most anything they desire to avoid taxes and responsibilities for their actions, up to and including balling out of the national ship as soon as they notice the water coming in through the portholes. Conservatism, as it has become, relies on a fool being born every second, born, or indoctrinated into separation/alienation complexes. Unfortunately, it does now include legions of sycophants, people who will repeat false “truths” over and over just because some right wing ideologue said so.

We are receiving the regular test on how disassociated we are from our own inherent interest and how that relates to the interest of the commons. One reason why even the notion of the commons has been under siege for some time–as if all things are not connected!

It is decision time once again. Who am I really? And where do I stand? On the shores of understanding, or in the leaking “life raft” of separation and alienation from the whole, steady only in my unacknowledged illusions?