We await the onslaught of diversion. Huddled in our own lives, umbilical cords of electronic information are directed at us. For information as a nutrient, yes, but by and for whom really?

Well, we cannot know, huddled in our lives, dependent both on the umbilical cords and what they happen to feed us. We do not know, when we do knot know it is a primary question to know the answer. It is a perfect trap for the creation of a lab conditions for the experiment on humanity. Just as on some TVs, the movie’s date of first release has been removed, we do not know what of our own history is being vacated. We do things to benefit of someone who is in charge, not necessarily via democratic institution, but via economic privilege to access the cords.

Our agar plate selves are inoculated with what appear as to be our way of life. Children are the most fertile medium for inoculation. The media is both directed at them, and at keeping adults in an immature state, to seem as a kind of child. From my vantage point, this objective has been accomplished quite well. It will not be long, for it already is noticeable, that the WEB will atrophy from its greatest diversity, to, as search engines have it, mostly available for the most popular kid in school, not necessarily the most truthful, relevant or incisive.

As the larval public now, we are fed what is required to metamorphose generic human desire, and impulse to full potential fruition, into the kind of creature that will best suit the asymmetric privilege to live above others, held by the few.

It is fortunate for those who do manipulate (dominate) societies and cultures, that words can come to mean their opposites, while retaining the symbol of their initial configuration. When concepts can be switched to their opposite but still retain their influential image of their origin, language becomes the lab rat. We who speak it, lab technicians who follow the owners manual of the machinery. We are then cogs in the proverbial wheel. This is true when we are not free to know, not free to question fundamental societal construct to the core, when we are not free, period. Freedom becomes a primary illusion, one of great use to a machines owner.

The result can be to in effect; erase the brain, yet keep the desired ego mechanics in place.

The great awakening, is tucked back in to sleep. Only you know where your alarm clock is, but can it be reached to get out of bed?

Not all Sundays are sunny.