It started with a simple maneuver. It showed up on the ground one night, then during the day that never came.

Our worries of global warming; all the arguments pro and con, especially the con job of the con. Now what difference did any of it make? All we knew was; the sun was taken off-line.

It seemed we were easy pickings for plunder.

They had watched us to see how we were; what our motivations are; how we treated one another. Their conclusion seemed to be; Do with them what you will to come out ahead.


Temperatures around the world began to fall. Scientist gave grave warnings of how much time we had left. We seemed to have no choice but to accept their demands. We all shook our heads. Didn’t see this one coming, literally. For a brief while, we acted as if it were only a long night.

Seemed they had dragged an asteroid to the other side of the sun and used it for a construction project. There, where they erected the monstrous sun screen never to be seen. Apparently, self replicating robots have no problem making whatever one wants to whatever scale in practically any time you desire. This sun block had to be larger than the earth for heaven sake! Yet it was so thin we could not see them towing it past the sun. It seems it is designed to let even the solar wind keep it in place. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Anyway, that is all besides the point now. Now they have us over the proverbial barrel. We become a deep freeze or do what we are told. No negotiations, no deals. The whole world was riveted on the TV and Internet for a good day. Or should I say, a bad night, for then people’s survival instincts kicked in big time.

In this sudden endless night, with the panic ravaged stores stripped of everything; the clothing gone, along with any fuel most anywhere, news had covered the panic. We were told some companies and the key government officials would be holed up for some time in certain places undisclosed. Seemed they were sending whomever a message of defiance, but with what we all wondered. Some say they could hold out underground with what they have for a hundred years. We will not have that blessing, or curse.


In our arguments over this, we felt pity if it came to that. Whomever this is will not care. They will take what it is they want, and probably deal with whomever is still alive here with ease.

The shock was those first days, all the signs that showed up around the world. It seemed that the have-not’s thought this was a good time to make a point. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE!; was engraved on placards all over the planet. Along with; HOW DOES IT FEEL? and; OH MY! WHAT WILL THE RICH EAT?. That one went right to the core. All over the world there were these last protest on the human condition, as if all we could hold accountable was ourselves, and how we had partitioned “having”. One last statement of how so many had felt and endured for so long. Now, in some strange ways, the books were being balanced.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR OIL PROFIT NOW?; was shown on the TV screens as the camera panned over crowds near bonfires, dressed in their heavy coats and layers. People seemed unreal, wobbling back and forth. Everyone was large in a way. Strange looking with faces covered in wraps and ski mask, flames flickering over the huddled mass of human penguins.

It was surreal, how TV watching seemed to become talking while watching the bonfires. A few portable TVs and computers were at the fires for a while. World wide, there was this gathering in the street. There seemed to also be some kind of rotation going on from fire to fire, until it became too cold to just go walking whenever you liked. Excursions would be planed for bringing food and ice to thaw at the fires. Metal pens were made near the fires where people could sleep yet still get some warmth. Others were always cooking and thawing things round the clock, since days were now somewhat undistinguished from one another, except the ever increasing cold.

The TV screen began to waver as; DID YOU REMEMBER TO CHECK THE STOCK MARKET TODAY?, became the last protest sign. For a brief while the TVs everywhere said this; TO CONSERVE RESOURCES; YOUR BROADCASTING COMPANY IS SUSPENDING OPERATIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. For reasons unknown, the power was out the next day. We imagined that would be the last of that. Many trees began to vanish by chainsaws used to cut them up for firewood.

Overnight we had all become the have-not’s. We had no idea what the worlds governments were doing. Were we all going to die for our pride? Would we not surrender, but instead just let the world fall all at once to extinction, every human achievement to vanish?


After the panics settled down, people were reserved and meditative. They sought out love and friendship. Whatever anyone had was shared. The cold ones were given more protection from those who said they were well warm enough. Food was brought down to the bonfires. We ate just enough to allay the feelings of hunger. We seemed to all think we have to try to make it as long as we could and not just give up.

It was odd to notice certain ones, who we knew were the local rich or famous, join in like all the rest of us. We all seemed to wonder how we had gotten life so wrong. How we did not see it was always love; love we wanted, needed and yearned to give to anything or one we could? To give and not to get, a simple reversal of formula. We had all been so blind. Facing a great chasm of nothingness, we still had each other.

The moon was now always just a black disc that blotted out the stars. Now there were two such disk. It did not take long to tell which was which as the days went by. We were an abandoned spaceship suspended in a galaxy now. We never knew how many stars surrounded us. The Milky Way was now our primary light source beyond the fires. Even our eyes had begun to adapt to seeing under its light enough to make it around. I will always remember that strange gift; how something that had apparently vanished in the city lights had seemingly turned itself back on to hover over us.


It had been some days ago when this all started. We knew many of the most vulnerable had already perished. Generators had gone down, since any of their energy source’s were raided by others in the Great Panic, as we now call it. Oddly, just days later, some of that fuel was returned to the generators, but for many it was just too late. Things changed amazingly fast, yet we had all come to be on the same wavelength of love for one another. We were becoming proud to “go out” on such a note of achievement. We would launch quick expeditions at times when we heard someone had made it through to somewhere near, but could not get to the fire. We all wanted to be together and did whatever we could to make that happen. Then it happened.

As the larger disk rose up, light was piercing through as if heaven had found us by searchlight. We said to each other not to look at the sun, it might be harmful like at an eclipse. It was amazing how you could notice the warmth from this dissolving blackness instantly. We did not worry over what it all meant. We had already found the light. It was Love all along. We had Love. We knew it was up to us to keep that flame burning free.

End of story.

{I conceived and wrote this story today.  Any similarity to other stories out there is purely coincidental. Benafia.}