Then I woke up.

We had created rail systems for personal wind travel.

Computers kept track of the track (you know what I mean) from the rail, which is barely noticeable embedded into streets. The rail also delivered solar energy to the sail car when wind was not enough. You also had the option of exercise to generate your own power source. Along with advanced battery packs you could plug into the sail car, charged up any way you managed to. (Yeah. Right.)

It was my childhood fantasy come true, but true in a dream. I guess that counts for not much as far as any reality is concerned. In my own life, it might be back to the early twentieth century. Riding a regular old bike and travelling much less as I increasingly become more of a senior citizen. I remembered as a little kid with my wagon, thinking I could sail up from Illinois and maybe make it to California

The nightmare of ever increasing gas prices but not wages or income will be left up to that nice blend of predatory capitalism and complicit elected officials whose real source of support we are so often kept in the dark ages about.

I’m sure they will fix things as usual, especially if we first kill off the government. That is the crucial final nail into the commons still not driven into the We the Peoples heart deep enough to make us into a totalitarian slave state. But the hammers keep a-pounding.

Money makes right? Our new morality.

Keep dreams alive!

Oh, yeah. And wake up too. That is the important part. Otherwise one might be dead.

(I put fiction in my title since a search engine had me at a serious car site.  I do not care what car anyone drives.  To bad the government did not bend over for big auto and oil interest united to keep gas use so high.  Now that is a tax on all of us drivers we will not call a tax!  Yet come election we will be suckered once again into the alleged anti tax party.  Enjoy the expensive exhaust.)