The experts feel a tornado outbreak is possible this weekend. May 10-11+2008.

It seems we are having tornadoes nearly every day, and not just out in the middle of nowhere.

On Saturday the severe weather starts from Western OK, all of Arkansas and nearby states. Each day the eastward progression brings it to the East Coast-Florida and Georgia on Sunday. As impulses roll of the Rockies into the plains, other severe weather may be going on at times in this period and is expected to follow into next week. Then those go east for more cross country trips. May is usually the # 1 tornado month.

The Weather Channel has been showing a parking lot camera view of a very narrow tornado lifting cars and trucks in an approx. only 50 foot area. Showing how dangerous even the most narrow tornadoes can be. At the end of tornado life cycles when they tend to diminish and “rope out”, that narrowing vortex can intensify the local damage, raising the wind speed in a smaller circumference. Cars are one of the worst places to be in a tornado.

We have had a strong jet stream quite far south for this time of year. The coming storms can be intense and long lasting.

There have been tornadoes every day this week

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0054

Tornado with dust and debris cloud forming at surface. During “Sound Chase”, a joint project of NSSL and Mississippi State University.

Image ID: nssl0054, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)