Today we will see again if one of the two Bush lite candidates “survive” to later on, pretty much keep things spiraling downward the way they are. Doesn’t really matter where they have been or who they are, were, or promise to be.

The pundits will probably go on to wonder which one will be the chosen one in the one party still running, despite the suspicion that one already crossed the line long ago. For there is believed to be a wizard behind the super delegate veil. It is the pubic who continues the race by the will of appearances. Believing in the convoluted reasoning, pandering to identity, and all the fear and loathing that can be generated to keep those minds a changing like wind vanes, will keep the imperfect storm a-spinning.

The ambiguity is not in the candidates, but in a public who still shows all evidence of Rovian double-think; where the best case of persuasion into the negative, blows those middle of the roader’s to one side or another, no matter how true or false the negative assumption. “We were avoiding a twister! At least it seemed like one at the time. Didn’t they say a storm was coming right at me?

Once we come to see a winner as one who will do anything to succeed at even delusion, we are right back to where we are. Unable to tell delusion from viable vision. We have crossed that yellow line, without knowing which way the traffic of the world actually is going. Our political Doppler radar is off-line.

And that is the risky self defeating place many interest wish us to stay. For later, when the damage begins to show, it is too late to have the excuse that the road signs were so misleading.

Votes for sale! Come and get it! Save a few nickles on me! Extra bonus, free gas for voting for me! Voters for sale here! In a heartbeat those nickles will be swooped up by the oil vultures. Tax breaks become profit vacuums that then are swooped up by the few who actually control where your money goes and to whom. It is supply and demand; your supply of income increases so the demand for more profit does the same. Duh!