I just read on my tags the most disingenuous pro-war, over the top literary babble (as demonstrated intellectual credibility I suspect) post, laced with ad hominem might makes right intonations as the only moral certitude America now possesses. Moral authority? What morals? The authority of weaponry?

It (post linked to later on) conveniently ignores the nuanced necessities not so hard to comprehend in the Muslim World, for a go get it now Apocalypse philosophy of hate is right and so is the fight. Circular reasoning gets locked into a deterministic imperative, incredibly obvious as black and white to its beholders. Chose sides to fight or be on the side of losers. Get your hates straight, promote them as inevitable as the sunrise, and anyone who does not agree is an appeaser of the weak and mistaken?

Do we forget so quickly which nation unleashed the atom upon the world just so short a historical moment ago? The same mentality; “It’s alive!”, as was said I believe to Frankenstein. Fear and paranoia are the easiest and cheapest lizard brain tricks to play. So 9/11 changed even the Democrats critical thinking abilities forever? The derided “populist wind” once held as the pragmatic public approving sense for invasion many years ago by these same types, may now be the only common sense left to fill the sails of the American ship of state.

Every day, starvation kills more than on 9/11, (*as do many other issues, info at post bottom*) and the thing is, it does relate to the “sole” superpowers actions or proxies in the world. Is this; blame America first, as the cons like to say? No. It would be correct to say; blame the truth first. We wish to annihilate the world over suicide belts, while the well off generally avoid service, and others press buttons that then are guided by laser or satellite, or computer road map to who knows who? We trust they are bad guys. Of course lots of mistakes happen. For us it is just collateral damage when it is in “their” neighborhood. Question the very false premise of might equals right and you are then a defeatist? Nonsense.

Preemptive taking of action against any enemy we see fit by ideological, or more accurately an economically bankrupt morality, is precisely what World War Two was fought against. Now, as if Nuremberg never happened, at the drop of a signing statement our rights as anything like a free people are taken away, not by the terrorist, but by the ever more pedantic jingoist and their sycophants who in effect aid and enable terrorism around the globe. Fear merchants whose contempt for reason to be opposed, is presumed tantamount to sedition..

The unceasing list of disproved propagandist rationalizations, and the pursuit of world resources now openly becoming espoused by the right wing, betrays the noble cause purported to be behind the dubious reasoning and veiled name calling presented in the rationalizations.

But do not take my word for it. Enjoy;

Democrats Search for Political Solution in Iraq a Search in Abyss of Defeat

The essence of defeat for America will have been in the hubris of her own puppeteers, whom the rest of us pay dearly the consequences for.

After 9/11, we stood at the dawn of a worldwide agreement to address the dysfunctions that promote hatred toward western civilization. That spiritual currency forged at the loss of some 3,000 souls was instantly squandered by a bully with a blow-horn, and all those who lay in wait to implement the neo-con agenda. If it looks like empire, and smells of imperial ambitions, well…

Nowhere in the fake analysis is mentioned who inevitably ends up fighting the battles of oligarchical interest, be they religious or socioeconomic. (Who cares if there is body armor?) After one, then another and another intelligence estimate have gradually come around to realizing the strategies of the take over and occupation of Iraq were deeply flawed, if not led by the blind. Now, suddenly, blatantly taking resources from others as we would not wish them taken from us, becomes convoluted into a defeat from the hands of victory charlatanism. Apparently, someone believes God is dead and cannot then, turn in the grave.


A rote list of the usual “liberal” whipping boys and scapegoats filters and circulates through the dance of literary references. This probably makes the author feel quite on top of things, the associations begging any factual connection. How little they still know! And refuse to learn of human motivations regarding taking advantage of others at their expense! Hello. Unending cycles of revenge. Hello.

As the Bush policy ever so slowly and reluctantly evolved more towards what liberal war mongering John Kerry proposed, the back door is opened to say; But you liberals were going to do just this at first four years ago! One would never expect the author to credit you know who in any way whatsoever. Nevertheless, that ship has sailed. The opening of the door, unfortunately, is now the escape hatch for when the boat would have been overturned in a storm. This is the alleged victory we are now cast into; the door has been opened yet the water keeps rising deck by deck. It is hard to imagine the Democrats being any more incompetent than the current administration has proved itself to be.

Baloney! Keep trusting us or be surrender monkeys! I say facetiously.

The likely actual mission; to leave bases to protect oil interest and threaten destruction on surrounding nations should they cross our super wealthy, remains intact. They who have so conveniently had their taxes cut repeatedly by the serial abandonment of the commons, common to this conservative movement that sees anything but force and our ability to wreak terror on others as the only wise investment in our common ground. The rest is turning into pot holes and surrendered onto China’s tab, who one day will say; And what are you going to do for me? The levels of cognitive dissonance must be astounding. Let us pray for these so misguide by the love of selective misanthropy.

It is as if watching that fake news network; where reality is fantasy, and fantasy whatever suits the philosophic preference of the networks owners party. Only now, these types fancy up the distortions in false premise, and out of context connected dots to seem like sensible, intelligent, albeit, one way polemical repartée.

I’m done with it!

(PS. I do not endorse all the above artist works)

*here is a link to hunger and starvation statistics

The world hunger problem: Facts, figures and statistics

{Yearly AIDS Deaths

According to UNAIDS, the AIDS epidemic claimed an estimated 2.8 million (between 2.4 and 3.3 million) lives just in 2005 of which more than half a million (570,000) were children. That is well over 7,000 a day.

In the world nearly 5.4 million people die of smoking a year, #going up each year.

In 2000, 85,000 died in the US from alcohol consumption that year}