Two tornadoes now following same path in connected storms 5/02/08

Today is having a serious tornado outbreak. 30 something tornadoes so far documented yesterday.

In northern Mississippi, two tornadoes are trailing in a near line over the same spots.

Southern Wisconsin in tornado watch now.

Now 6:24 central time. 5/02/08

Weather Underground link below to current situation

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It can be fun to make a point at the expense of context or reasons of false premise. I can remove someones notion, put a new conception around it, then show it as a contradiction. Time, space, intention, and ignorance can allow facts to be rendered misleading enough, that they can appear to be lies, when in fact they are grounded in history and not necessarily the manufactured opinion “reality” of word-play. Yes we can make deceptions seem evident where they had never existed!

Our government for several years now seems to have operated on the above mentioned logical deceptions. Political campaigns are now assumed to be made up of these, even to the degree that those who do not use false analogy or out of context reconfigured facts are thought of as being weak. The conflict game does not care if the debates are on steroids, or changing rules for themselves mid game and not the others in the campaign. Is the art of deception really what we wish to see running the country to ruin for 4 or 8 more years?

It may be too late to get the candidates who really should be president, but now we must make do with what we have. Anyone can protest and go against the two party monopoly, if that is the wisest thing to do will be up to each voter.

My view is that we have two super flip-flopper’s at the moment, and another one showing more mild political expediencies as his modus operandi.  He is the first black candidate (Discounting Bill Clinton).  It has been a rude awakening for many Democrats to see how Rove-like the first woman candidate seems to be.  It is a shame that some feminist and workers are voting for manipulations seeming to be seen as strengths.  Is it some shoot yourself in the foot loyalty that locks them into fantasy land despite the evidence?

We see in the degree of applied manipulations, how, if any different that “change” people claim to be for will be.  Hopefully America is sick and tired of the plunder of the party of money, and its wedge issue shell game diversions.

But will there be a party of the vast majority of the people?  Not if corporate control of culture has anything to say about its continuing to undermining elections.  How?  A crippled fourth estate, a one way street of pubic propaganda access, votes not even sure of being counted etc…  Bush, Cheney and Rove might seem to be gone, but who they serve above all the rest of us, are still in control.  Smoke, mirrors and diversions, can keep one from seeing the operational realities on the ground.  They will be the subjects of word play.

Friday Tornadoes–5/02/08

Today’s tornadoes are on the move, now storms with strong rotation signatures just northwest Of Memphis. As of 3:14 pm. central time, 5/02/08, storms are slowly diminishing while others are intensifying. This is a day to check your radars and listen for warnings Latest Public Severe Weather Outlook. This link can help you determine where storms are expected and occurring.

Today’s tornadoes have the potential to be high scale. Western Tennessee has many super-cells now.


Several fatalities are now reported as of 4:28 central time


{as of 12:22pm. east coast time, 5/02/08}

Tornado watches are up from extreme northeastern Texas and most of Arkansas, now going into northern Louisiana, through to east Tennessee, Kentucky, southern Illinois and southern Indiana.

Straight line winds and a possible tornado caused damage to parts of Kansas City Missouri. There were some injuries. Over 20,000 people still without power.

Tornado near Carthage Tex. Storms today are moving near 40mph.

Tornado warnings just east of Little Rock Ark.

Sever weather possible from Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes.

Tornadoes yesterday late afternoon in Oklahoma.

Tomorrow sever weather moves east.