Yesterday was a big day for me as far as blogging goes. I had one blog go into the hundreds of views. It once took this relative novice quite a long time to get near a hundred post views after months of a single post on this blog.

The day before it went into a hundred something, might hit a hundred again today.

It seems if you happen to tag a topic that makes it big time that day, you are in for an avalanche of attention. So, if you are wondering when the world will discover you, it may just be up to a chance of serendipitous occurrences, with you in the middle. For me it happened to be tornado warnings in real time.

To those of you who regularly get attention into the thousands, good for you. I possibly just told you what you already know. Or you are a great writer on topics of interest. OK. Maybe you are really, really sexy.


I believe the thing in the middle is the blog-o-sphere.