A SCARY PAST, this way comes?

The other election, the one we do not ever mention, is over the truth.

Instead, we become thrust into the debate over relativity, which is easily prejudiced to our preconceived notions lens on the world, or life. This becomes a debate of degrees of ignorance.

Let us recall a Septembers fateful tale. It has been altered to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

A lot of things will be thrown out to cover over truth, just as they were several Septembers ago. Some will deny what they do know, instead telling us what they need us to know, to go ahead with their own plans. For us to acknowledge this will have seemed cognitively absurd.

Like many Septembers ago, later they will claim there was no way of knowing, well not exactly knowing exactly. But they will have known enough to do for themselves back then, what they did not do for us. They will move facts like furniture in a room. As if exactly expecting the surprising crashed event to follow. Yet tell us straight to our faces. They knew nothing exactly. Who knows anything exactly exactly after all?

Armaments to stop projectiles will suddenly appear on their homes rooftop days before; a cabinet in front of their seat at the table, blocking the view to the window. A guest will be told not to take the bus home anymore, get in a taxi instead to get there. We will wonder why? He always takes the bus. Why has he stopped? Where is the extra money coming from for the taxi? And Why? And where have all the cats gone? They once roamed the room under chairs, and up on valances. Dots seem to be appearing, are they forming lines? Only the future will tell.

After the massive drive by shooting, it will seem as if providence spared their lives. So many other homes on the street were sprayed with fire, and many died. Of course, they did not know what it seemed somehow that one house knew. But we cannot be quite sure. And there is so much fear and rage in the community, they look to that mayors house spared, to do something about the criminals.


When days ago the street may have avoided cameras on it, so Big Brother would not watch their every move, perhaps misinterpreting something, now nearly every neighbor said; Yes! Put them on every street! Why, even get them into homes of those you think are questionable. We cannot bare another drive by shooting. It is just intolerable. I have nothing to hide!

And so as the story goes; remember the truth getting buried? The truth will be sacrificed for security, and security of the complete kind, needs a never ending source of insecurity to rationalize it. Now that fears have become energized, we are willing to see shooters coming from each and every direction. The fearful become the wiling in this puppet theater. They watch the show, seeming to go along. Never noticing the dots have become strings that go into their heads, their shoulders, even their hearts.


When facts that come out suggest strongly a prior awareness of a likely cause, and that suggestion is repeatedly undermined as being irrational or unbelievable, we are charged with our own investigation. Unless we wish to live in an unexamined state of deception. A state of deception, is created for control reasons. History is littered with these attendant to the hubris of the players involved. Unfortunately for the willingly ignorant or those just kept in the dark; the darkness descends of the good, the bad, and the indifferent equally.

One way or another, those who wish to dominate others for their own delusions of grandeur, always fall to the Tower of Babble syndrome. Populations begin to feel in their souls that the truth of the universe is somehow not being obeyed, its language no longer comprehended from those placed above others. From the ground up, perceptions come into awareness that the leaders are living inside naked lies.

If the truth sets you free, to alter it; removing context, obfuscating intentions, altering facts that require context to be understood, is to be willing and eager to do something about the problem of freedom, not its defense.

“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.”
Benjamin Franklin