Flowers in my yard

I HAD TWINS These poppies are considered by some to be weeds in Europe! Not Cézanne!

You can’t keep good flowers caged in! Freedom!

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At yesterdays family violence meeting with a family, we talked about health.

Health is a big topic that can go into differing directions and dimensions, but we had questions made. Why am I not taking care of myself in some area? Do I worry about my health and so, emotionally or subconsciously, open a door for a dysfunction? I know I should eat less, or not smoke, or get into more exercise, yet procrastination is in charge. Why? A few of us, for proposed economic reasons, or avoidance, avoid trying to find out what is going on. We wait to see if things get worse as a kind of control on what problem we are noticing.

In this group meeting we all set goals for the next one. After coming up with a desire to act on our own behalf, we set our sights on some realistic movement to be made by next meeting. Your word in made with yourself to get something good done in your life.

That will be all for that review of yesterdays event. I do wonder about all the rest of us; about politics, elections, society, the environment, our effects in the world on one another. Do I avoid looking honestly at them? Do I even want to know and be then possibly worried? What avoidance is there of issues that are of paramount importance to each of or lives, and yet we cover them over with a rug?

I believe politics, religion, the alleged cultural wars promoting ignorance and contempt for knowing something different and respecting it for that Golden Rule, I believe these things do have us hiding from knowing our effects on others, thus promoting their lack of respect for us. In conflict settings, we have learned to wall off our sense of empathy, compassion, full truth seeking and so understanding, because we may be told we are self defeating to entertain, enlightenment!

Many an ego stakes its credentials on not changing no matter what it faces. This may be a strength, or a recipe for complete stupidity. Arrogance, or “macho” displays are meant to be life saving in an odd way, yet they might just as well guarantee that that vulnerability one had to know something of oneself or another, is armored in, and a stunt person is now in charge of my life.

We are hearing in politics now both sides of the insecurity coin shown at once causing a kind of meltdown in-between. Is someone caring or strong? In front of one group they show the one, and in front of the other the other one, why can they not be real in all context, instead of chameleon like color changes designed to suit an audience? Now we seem to be trying to avoid these seeming perhaps contradictions of candidates by the marketing effect to make them just seem to look like the type on our side, without getting too specific about those worries we might have.

With the world in some ways at the mercy of our votes, (if counted) that might impact future well being as well as conflict for the entire planet, we need look more closely at those who would cut a one year old’s birthday cake with the swing of a four foot sword, not noticing the shock and awe in the room of the world.

What to look for?

First, unadulterated honesty, a consistency, not in claims and stances, but in steps to take to get from problem to solution. If candidates do not show respect, and I mean honest recognition and not just a grouping of words, they are not going to be elected to lead (or focus) the whole nation, they will be in it to promote the unacknowledged dysfunction addictions of their base, leaving the rest of us, not entirely innocent bystanders to an ever deteriorating state of the nation and planet.