On Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC news and views show, he goes over the top 50 Bush scandals on occasion, to remind viewers of how they vanished from the news. I think the segment is called “Bushed”.

That is not exactly what I am talking about here. I am referring to our collective lack of perspective presented by the corporate news infotainment shows.

I remember many years back. One network’s expose’ news show was all about corporate and business abuse, misuse and scams. I’m sure this show drew some fire from powerful people. But after that network itself was found to be behind the corporate maneuvered takeover and consolidation lobbying efforts over the public airwaves, the show seemed to shortly vanish. Probably caught in the pot calling the kettle black hypocrisy thingy.

Those of you under forty might never have known how news networks once were. Bill Moyers PBS, is perhaps the closest representation of fact digging into corruption. Investigatory journalism was once a reality. Now it is pretty much considered a liberal bias to be avoided like the plague. Just as Richard Nixon would be considered quite the liberal by today’s standards, the conceptual paradigm in journalism has shifted far into existential relativism, were everyone’s view is just as good as anyone else’s, letting power and money buy much more time and perspective, just keep the contextual setting of facts out of the program overall. Well this has allowed truth itself to become a subject of conservative scorn and obfuscation. We the People, have in some respects, had the dunce cap put on our heads.


The current senior crop of retiring news anchors are mere shadows of what came before, yet they are treated as if they were the nations wise elders. Certainly ego is always a factor in seeking out the limelight, but back in my childhood, news anchors seemed to be filled with and about the facts first, now they seem filled with themselves and what position’s them best in gaining market share. They retain a bit of the postured presentation of seemingly objective appearance, a style thing, but even that has followed the trend to excite the viewers, more so over celebrity dysfunctions, than endemic societal ones. Unfortunately, what one has not experienced, one tends not to miss.

The three still standing presidential contenders seem to grow silent over electioneering unless they have a particular problem raising funds, or it dawns on them that an extraordinary bias is afoot. Like biased news in relativity land pretending to be objective, a system where elections are dependent of raising big money, equals one systematically drowning out the voices of the poor and cash strapped. This undermines true democracy but is sold as some sort of Darwinian proving grounds of electability, nevertheless, those who can hardly donate are turned into Americans with out a say in who ends up finishing first.  Comes the Internet savior?  Nope.  Still not fair.  If the game is not fair, it is rigged.


This is where we enter the silence zone; where our fellow Americans have their voting rights tied with their hands behind their backs, and the rag of relativity stuffed into their mouths. Freedom and democracy? Shell game tricks played in the playground of abstractions. Why do our top three never mention truth, facts, ideas and accessibility to them? Those are fundamental nutrients for a healthy democracy and public voice.  We then can be had again.  Surprise!-NOT!

As long as we remain a society where truthful investigation is only occurring of the fringes, and the mainstream middle, while we are watching the side show inside, never hears the fog horn, and neither do we. The ship of state is evermore near the rocks, the gamblers inside, they will never know what hit them.

Unfortunately, they, may well be we.


POWERFUL STORMS are breaking out in North Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas near noon, some will be moving into major cities there. Hail is expected to be a big factor today. Tornado watch a bit west of Dalas, one warning currently.

Looks as if things went off with solar heating and upper air disturbance rushing over. If you are in this area and to the north and northeast, keep up on your local weather reports. Unless you don’t mind being taken by surprise running into this while out and about.

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0003

Large hail collects on streets and grass during severe thunderstorm. Larger stones appear to be nearly 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Image ID: nssl0003, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)