As the election campaign has played out, it has come to seem more like there are two Republicans running against one Democrat. To harsh?

But I have to wonder where Pennsylvania has been, or is going? Some say they are kinda older there, so they go towards that standard generational bias; age equals wisdom, or if not that, at least someone who has lived more like me.

Then there is that degenerative disease called conservatism, where hope, ambition, the belief that we can solve problems together because the alternative is unacceptable, atrophies into how I survive, my personal goals getting insured, my aches and pains, and being subject to anything that can be milked to produce fear. It is that last one, that the two more status quo candidates build their basic premise around.

Now I am just speculating here, since I am far from the Eastern US, or anything like a failed industrial stronghold. I have not heard of why the Clinton’s, who so served transnational corporate fortunes with the “free trade” NAFTA, are now the for the worker “ticket”. Maybe he can be her vice president?

I live at our southern border. There is no “free trade” for the average individual. And how did Bill become such a big whiner? Almost sounds like Pat Buchanan.

Hillary Clinton cherry picks her experiences with Bill Clinton, the good stuff somehow of her doing, and the bad stuff somehow experience that makes her tougher. If you listen to the candidates, all three of them, one has the energy of doing, the other two of lecturing on why you have to vote for them, as they dish out the fear cards across the table, and of course promises, promises. Yeah, all candidates have to promise to do something.

If one is for change for the better, instead of this continual diminishing of individual rights, and a world wide industrial/material suicide pact, with its caressing of militarism and cultural confrontations, that reeks of maintaining an ever-growing anti-American worldwide future, I wonder why apparently many in Pennsylvania are under the grip of a rusting sinking ship of state?  Some say it is some party loyalty-machinery thing.  If so, we sure need more of that.  That has worked out quite well over 7 years.

I do not know about Pennsylvania, and though I am closer to the age of the two more conservative candidates, to trust the stranglehold of the status quo, is to have faith in maintaining, in growing your own despair, waiting to be jerked awake next election with a big; BOOOOOH! The sky is falling! Parachutes for sale!

But maybe some of those people in Pennsylvania all have stocks in oil companies and the defense industry, and wish not to risk a thing for the health and well-being of the rest of us?  I just do not know their story.

Pennsylvania.  Where have you been?  What are your secrets?