Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a kind of debate last night. Mostly it was a tabloid like emotional based list of questions meant to have an effect on idiots.

I must say both candidates at times went beyond the Republican like talking points and went into a bit of their actual philosophy and poise under pressure of a sorts.

But my overall impression is that corporations, for reasons well founded or not, treat the public as fools who do not know their right foot from their left. Nuance was to be an obvious no, no, as at times questions insulting to any thinking person, were hammered at over and over as if that were journalistic hard ball.

I would say Obama came out better as a leader and not a whiner.

The real shame was that of a media that believes, apparently, that mistakes, up for various interpretation remarks, and who will avoid answering ad hominem loaded innuendo formed into questions, is what decides who was most fit to be president.

If the American public’s deciding group of voters makes their choice by what the adds and innuendo from mud slinging and fear mongering focus group attacks leave them feeling better or worse about someone; heaven help us! We are going on 8 years and a lot of cheating the vote down that costly toll road.

And who will fill all those growing potholes?