Our ceilings fell
walls gave way
the roof could not forget;
the chimney’s down
the clown was smoking
an unfiltered cigarette
Gods will survives
conspired constitution
dreams will pay the debt;
save the golden calf
take the sea away
screed the alphabet
fog horn breaks
into the window
keep your memories lean
lightning strikes a pose
on a poets matchbox
always more than seen
the rafters purged
floor joist clashed
the steeping cellar turned
the garage is found
the car idling for
a fleeting moment learned
God will contrive
desired desecration
dreams increase their bet;
melt the golden calf
take the world away
deed the alphabet
walking these wires
outside this window
angels scent of wintergreen
lightning strikes deep
twice more in succession
fog horns never seen
wood blows smoke
into the rainbow
helicopter stirs us bare
I was alive
time drove by shooting
angel lights this final prayer
God will revive
inspired indecision
dreams both laughed and wept;
stone the golden calf
hate the hearts replay
bleed the alphabet