I just had to send this one on.

This guy has been busy.

These three remind me of someones, I just can’t quite place who they are.


Who are you to tell me I’m bitter? OK. I’m bitter about that. Who does Obama think he is?

What’s to be bitter about?

We are always told we live on the best land on earth; We have the best country, the best medical system, the best space program, the best sports maybe, what else do you whiners need?

So if everyone lived like we do; and we think they want to, and we want them to want what we got, and for us to stay on top by a corporate if not cultural hegemony, why we are set up as the top dog. Bitter? You are some kind of malcontent is my guess. What part of being on top do you not get as good? But I failed to answer the; if everyone lived like we do part.

So profit margins are tuning our stores into factory like warehouses, and turning the medical system into a desperate conveyor belt, for those who got a piece of that stock pie, bitter-not!

So the enter-infotainment industries have us all worked up over nothing; dysfunctional famous folks, a dysfunctional political system, and who just killed or got maimed. So that takes our minds off of systemic concerns, those are best left up to those who know something about it anyway. So we are mostly a throw away society, what’s a guy to do? Don’t worry as they say, be happy.

So dysfunctional capitalism is aiming towards a one world corporate union, so what? So our dysfunctional political system serves itself, so what? So our dysfunctional use of the environments and resources is aiming humankind toward the cliff of extinction, so what? So the more I vote the worse things get? So dominator paradigms are really battling it out for world domination, so what? I’d rather go shopping. I’d rather take a vacation. I’d rather have lots of parties and drink lots of bear or wine or even the good old hard stuff. So there! If that’s bitter, it sounds pretty good!

Come to think of it. Now that I noticed it, I do seem to be running away from lots of elephants in the room of my life. That makes me kinda bitter, I mean feeling used. I mean angry. No that’s not it. I just feel like escaping, getting away from it all. That’s it! I’m glad the information sources keep me in my little crisis bubble. They they give me lots of ways to self medicate. You know; get all worked up over my teams chances, some kind of soap opera, a stiff drink, then at least I can not worry about all those things I can not control, and seem happy, sort of.

But bitter? Nope! Not falling for it. Sorry!

Kiss that donkey good bye.