I am once again thrown back to the old days, days when I could not play for fear of throbbing pain at night. I tried to get this tooth taken care of a year and a half ago. On a side x-ray you could see a third root was bitten. I got the antibiotics, and just near the end of the bottle the pain was gone, but off to the poor peoples dentist I went. (Always finish your prescriptions as instructed!) They took x-rays, no problem except two other teeth needed to come out. I said; there is a molar root the front view does not see. They looked at me like I was telling them their business.

My old fillings from forty years ago, replaced about twenty ago, were getting questionable. One replaced root canal was abscessed and had to go. This dentist tested my response with hot oil or something on that tooth I came there about. I thought; but the antibiotics eliminated the source of pain from hot and cold. I told them over and over; we need a picture from the side, that is were the problem is. I came here for the root canal, he (dentist) said; we don’t do those here. More recently when getting a filling, I told the new dentist about the whole issue. He said they do root canals there.

Many trips and much expense later, and still the original problem was not addressed. Now, a few whole mouth cleanings past, just as the weekend came, so did the soreness, escalating much faster than before. My neck glands have begun to swell. I have pain swallowing, and can only eat very soft things, like mush.

I am back to the throbbing, like so often 45 years ago. For this while, I will remember the neglect, the living with it cause there is no money to fix it. I recall the desperate hiding of the pain, being up most all night, then going off to school with nearly black eyes. I could only chew in a few small spots in my mouth most of my teenage years.

I have had several teeth taken out at once in my teens, some being without Novocaine since I had both the legal limit and abscesses that would not let the painkiller circulate in. I have touched the misery many an ancestor had, in this time between process foods advent and the some advance in painkilling, past being drunk unconscious and the problem just yanked out while you were held down. People once died from mere tooth extractions, due to resulting deep infections eating away into their system.

The best health care system in the world! (repeat over and over)

Don’t be fooled. In the big rush to see as many patients as possible, many live in pain and come down with life threatening issues while in the hospital. There, where even millionaires who break a hip, suddenly find their body shutting down from hospital born infections misdiagnosed or found too late. Then overreacted treatment, or given drugs to slow down digestion because there is a shortage of nurses to tend to you. From a mere hip incidence, I know of someone right now at the edge of life, now part of intestinal system gone for good, family flying in on rotations to tend to them. All that seeming to hinge on a lack of nurses. Oh no! We cannot have single payer health care! It will ruin the best system in the world! Right. Suckers!

Corporate bottom lines in the end, are drawn atop the bodies run over in the rush to get CEO’s and stockholders their gambling pyramid schemes socialized rewards.


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