Last monsoon season had this storm.

Naturally by the time I got the camera and all, the most intense period was just past. It is a metal door and with all the water near, I did not linger long for fear of lightning. One just had happened so I filmed this. Hail was also bouncing in so that was that. Not likely to get hail over 1.5 inch diameter here.  Greenhouse shade cloth is what is hanging of the edge of low roof.

This years monsoon season is guaranteed to be longer thanks to them making it from June 15 to September 30 I believe. Instead of waiting for some pesky dew-point threshold. I believe part of the reason was to cover storms that were under monsoon dew-points but related to the coming and going monsoon. Some 45 degree dew-point storms might not give much rain but lots of lightning and strong or microburst winds.