Keith Olbermann had quite a chart on the Bill of Rights. He was left concluding it is now a Bill of Right. That being that the third one, the one about not keeping troops in your home still seems to apply. But with private contractors now supplanting actual government troops, we could probably have a signing statement finish that one off.

And you thought you had guarantees!

Another secret is coming out in an upcoming book by Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels, a graph on the income variations in it shows the relative income disparities during Democratic and Republican administrations.

It debunks the notion that Democrats economic booms and income increases across the board, especially for the poorest, were the result of a previous Republican administration. Instead, it ties the greater increase in all incomes under Democrats across the board in respect to Republicans, to each administrations policies. The Republican increase in income, though less across the boards, and five times less for the poorest, is heavily slanted to the rich. The poor being the worst off by far under Republicans, the rich, not so much but still losers compared to under the Democrats!

So that election political adage seems true. If you want to live like a Republican, (many anyway) for–money and success, you should vote Democratic, no matter what income you have.

I’m sure many will hate this secret, often felt to be true, getting documented validity. Why wedge issues are so important to blacken the waters of reality come time to vote.

Get the mud suits on.

Tax and spend! Tax and spend! Run for your lives from the tax and spenders! Keep your much less money with us instead!


{To find out more, I will pass you on to the excellent blog with the whole info and graph; Musings of the Great Eric}