Allegedly (as reported on MSNBC today), of the 9,000 each day prevented from flying because of a name as theirs on the no fly list, includes some Sky Marshals who are supposed to be there to protect the rest of us from any terrorist on board!

“But your name is John Doe! No exceptions!”

Fear, it seems, knows no bounds, nor has room for redress of error.  Bureaucracy and power over others seems to have been combined into a potentially fatal mix.  Just don’t say that to anyone or you might end up on a list?


Yesterday was a big day for me as far as blogging goes. I had one blog go into the hundreds of views. It once took this relative novice quite a long time to get near a hundred post views after months of a single post on this blog.

The day before it went into a hundred something, might hit a hundred again today.

It seems if you happen to tag a topic that makes it big time that day, you are in for an avalanche of attention. So, if you are wondering when the world will discover you, it may just be up to a chance of serendipitous occurrences, with you in the middle. For me it happened to be tornado warnings in real time.

To those of you who regularly get attention into the thousands, good for you. I possibly just told you what you already know. Or you are a great writer on topics of interest. OK. Maybe you are really, really sexy.


I believe the thing in the middle is the blog-o-sphere.


Polling has indicated that many will vote their color or sex in the coming elections. This means division and even tribalism is on the ascendant.

As is often said; make no mistake about it, in an allegedly two party system, this likely bodes ill for one party.

If you read my post regularly, you know I find the two party system deeply flawed, as I do see plurality victories as the same. It is a guaranteed way to not get things done. Many claim they are for change, after seeing the contempt evident by conservatives for the state and common citizen relationship. Liberalism was coming on strong. Liberalism happens to be the container of majorities of the operational values held by most of us in everyday life. Status quo power must confuse and diffuse this reality, and has the resources to do just that most of the time, unless conditions overwhelm manipulated impressions.

One party was and presumably still is trying to manufacture a one party state here in effect. Corporate controlling influence on both parties is strong, and proceeding to create a de facto one way state. In the Democratic party, it is engaged in a fight over the “soul” of the party. Our system of access to voters is subject to monies influence, and so, biased against those without much money to influence elections, an obvious statement. Ask yourself why both parties hardly ever bring it up?

If you vote for your candidate because they are more like you on superficiality of color, ethnic or sexual type, you are also helping to divide a pluralist nation further from a cohesive and comprehensive self identity and purpose, along with likely having less interest in what happens to the “other guys”. We wonder why we cannot agree on things, and that the bad government is always stalemated except when fears are pushed to extremes.


We are in a shooting gallery of a sorts. The Media is compromised by corporate ideological bias. A pseudo-democracy exist here without the right to vote. Voters information is partially at the mercy of campaign financing incongruities. A machinery of mud slinging is entrenched, with an arsenal of fear that is kept well oiled to keep the average citizen from knowing much about our governments actual behaviors in the world and its collusion with special interest here.

And we are going to vote for the woman cause she is a woman like me, or the white guy because at least he is a white guy, or the black guy because only he can understand what it is like to be me. But what can you do for your country?

I do not deny the appeal to anyone’s own identity of the illusion, yes illusion, that if someone is more like me things will go more my way. This is exactly what the two party system has degenerated into; the manipulation of self identity interest for control. Then, often, the selling of that interest to our representatives own self interest as individuals to benefit themselves off of the nations interest.

You do not have a right to vote. You do not have a right to have a vote counted if you do vote. You do not have fair access to differing viewpoints and perspectives on all issues. You have no real mechanism for making sure all your representatives in government are held accountable for what is done in your name.

You live on a one way street where companies get to cover their expense increases or desires for more profit by upping prices. Oops! We left workers and most everyone else out of that formula. Wonder how that happened? You now live in a place where “We the People” are the subjects of wealth as it takes over the earth via transnational corporate hegemony. And yet for many of us, a wedge issue will have us cast our relativized vote for some foolish notion of a sure thing. “Down with Taxes”, or tricks like a “Death Tax”, are some of the best methods of getting that tax money for the common good out of your pocket, and now quite possibly, into the pocket of someone else across the globe…And you thought you were going to be the beneficiary recipient?  Come on.


So go ahead, certain woman, men, blacks, whites and others, vote for your kind.

Just do not expect any kindness to actually manifest to you, but a few words.

It is necessary to vote for who and what is right for the whole nation. You must determine what that is for yourself. The commercials will be pretty well conceived, but quite possibly, pretty misleading.

When will we be weaned from our pacifiers?


I have always been interested in weather phenomenon. I was a block from a deadly tornado in 1967. I have always been concerned about them since being a little kid. My post on tornadoes are meant to inform people of my experience and perceptions about them. I am not a professional meteorologist, but on occasion in my life, people have asked me about planning for events instead of relying on their local weather forecasters. If they know me well they might have felt I am often more accurate that what is on TV.

I rely on the TV, often the Weather Channel, to get some idea of what is going on. Today I felt it was a particularly serious situation in Virginia, so I put up a live post as to the situation. Some of that included my interpretations aided by the experts.

It is statistically unlikely that anyone saw my post and took cover there because of it. But since it is not an impossibility, I stopped where I was going to put up the post. Any chance on helping someone not be surprised by sever weather, I will take when I can.

All of you who poured into my blog today to check up on the Tornadoes post, I hope you went on to check up on your own local weather service warnings if you were anywhere near Virginia.

To find out of my own tornado prediction one hour before the Tornado hit where I was in April of 1967, it is available on the pages side of my blog, in the Weather and Sky photo’s side blog, otherwise named; Benafiaskys or click,  TORNADO! –nearly 41 years old, not forgotten.,

TORNADOES LIKELY NOW 4:22 pm. date 4-28-08 on east coast

VIRGINIA If you are near Eastern Virginia check your weather radars right now.

Several rotating super-cells, with tornado warnings, are showing strong tornadic signatures, possibly moving up to 47mph, so they can almost seem to come out of nowhere. One might be threatening to become rain wrapped. You might not even see it coming, so please check your local radar!

Once in a great while, the sky does seem to fall. Let’s hope the ocean will knock these down many notches. However, some are not yet near the ocean.

Tornado headed towards Port Smith, north of Norfolk, Newport News-to Naval Base, let’s see if this one diminishes rapidly, but it still has a strong Doppler signature, as of moment of this blog-4:22pm.

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0118

(Note by me. What may look like a funnel cloud above at lower right, actually might be creating significant localized damage on the ground. This photo is not of the current conditions (from NSSL library)).

Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

GOOD signs of the one nearing the coast diminishing!

To read of my own tornado experiences my post; TORNADO! –nearly 41 years old, not forgotten., and Page on

{Virginia tornado up-date as of 12:30 east coast time, April 30th. 9 confirmed tornadoes on 4/28/08, strongest a EF-3, likely on the upper end of a 3. That is the one being shown doing most damage to homes on TV news. Here is a link to morre of the story; Colonial Heights }

A SCARY PAST, this way comes?

The other election, the one we do not ever mention, is over the truth.

Instead, we become thrust into the debate over relativity, which is easily prejudiced to our preconceived notions lens on the world, or life. This becomes a debate of degrees of ignorance.

Let us recall a Septembers fateful tale. It has been altered to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

A lot of things will be thrown out to cover over truth, just as they were several Septembers ago. Some will deny what they do know, instead telling us what they need us to know, to go ahead with their own plans. For us to acknowledge this will have seemed cognitively absurd.

Like many Septembers ago, later they will claim there was no way of knowing, well not exactly knowing exactly. But they will have known enough to do for themselves back then, what they did not do for us. They will move facts like furniture in a room. As if exactly expecting the surprising crashed event to follow. Yet tell us straight to our faces. They knew nothing exactly. Who knows anything exactly exactly after all?

Armaments to stop projectiles will suddenly appear on their homes rooftop days before; a cabinet in front of their seat at the table, blocking the view to the window. A guest will be told not to take the bus home anymore, get in a taxi instead to get there. We will wonder why? He always takes the bus. Why has he stopped? Where is the extra money coming from for the taxi? And Why? And where have all the cats gone? They once roamed the room under chairs, and up on valances. Dots seem to be appearing, are they forming lines? Only the future will tell.

After the massive drive by shooting, it will seem as if providence spared their lives. So many other homes on the street were sprayed with fire, and many died. Of course, they did not know what it seemed somehow that one house knew. But we cannot be quite sure. And there is so much fear and rage in the community, they look to that mayors house spared, to do something about the criminals.


When days ago the street may have avoided cameras on it, so Big Brother would not watch their every move, perhaps misinterpreting something, now nearly every neighbor said; Yes! Put them on every street! Why, even get them into homes of those you think are questionable. We cannot bare another drive by shooting. It is just intolerable. I have nothing to hide!

And so as the story goes; remember the truth getting buried? The truth will be sacrificed for security, and security of the complete kind, needs a never ending source of insecurity to rationalize it. Now that fears have become energized, we are willing to see shooters coming from each and every direction. The fearful become the wiling in this puppet theater. They watch the show, seeming to go along. Never noticing the dots have become strings that go into their heads, their shoulders, even their hearts.


When facts that come out suggest strongly a prior awareness of a likely cause, and that suggestion is repeatedly undermined as being irrational or unbelievable, we are charged with our own investigation. Unless we wish to live in an unexamined state of deception. A state of deception, is created for control reasons. History is littered with these attendant to the hubris of the players involved. Unfortunately for the willingly ignorant or those just kept in the dark; the darkness descends of the good, the bad, and the indifferent equally.

One way or another, those who wish to dominate others for their own delusions of grandeur, always fall to the Tower of Babble syndrome. Populations begin to feel in their souls that the truth of the universe is somehow not being obeyed, its language no longer comprehended from those placed above others. From the ground up, perceptions come into awareness that the leaders are living inside naked lies.

If the truth sets you free, to alter it; removing context, obfuscating intentions, altering facts that require context to be understood, is to be willing and eager to do something about the problem of freedom, not its defense.

“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.”
Benjamin Franklin