We have learned

that anyone can do it

anyone can play the puppet

I could speak off the teleprompters

repeating over and over, and over

just like old George Orwell said

I could scare the masses silly

making them dumbfounded

ready made for deception

change words meanings

it is what we have seen

what has come to be

my friends could get

incredibly wealthy

they would owe me

that is what nepotism

and our despotism

are always about

it could be me

or you siphoning

off of life’s energy

forcing our own will

upon if we are willing

to toss it all away

on sure delusion

and each dollar

like Orwell said

scare them good

good and stupefied

then tell them straight

whomever disagrees

is a liar or a traitor

misguided fringe

a seditious element

to be hounded down

by sycophants and bias

along with each freedom

then marginalize them

make them look nutty

you know it, ridicule

conservatism’s slave

tempting our hubris

now you own normal

the machinery is set up

to change the votes

to lose the trail

to tell the tale

only from our

point of view

now truth is bias

the hint will be

gotten inside out

the threat to freedom

bend it wide to oblivion

for it is we the doer’s

who own all Creation

having taken it away

right from under

the Almighty’s nose

if we ruin this world

running it ragged

using it all up

spitting it out

the public kept

deaf and dumb

so! what!

we have lived glory

been followed as gods

bowed to by believers

owned others wills

in the good life

we have taken


of all life

have taken

its very soul

consumed it

without a fear

for any one

or any thing

to stop us


could do it

we have seen it

the ungodly exchange

in our night of fear;

blood is cheaper

than oil.