Not even noon here yet, but if you go out with dark shirt it feels like 88, actually it is 68 now. OK, probably 70 in the last 20 min. since I looked.

We had a meeting last night for community interested in taking part in family anti-violence work. It went quite well, but I was tired, having gotten up early for a doctors appointment, then cleaned up late after the evening meeting. Another one related to it but not the same this evening. And then on Saturday the actual regular meeting with a certain family.


Bad news is, I have always had high blood pressure, (probably since six months old incident-PTSD) but have long outlived my grandfather and father in years. My heart issue from a early childhood fall some 50 years ago was finally diagnosed, and after 50 years of a back burner concern, and lifelong attempts to do good things for my heart, the diagnosis was very good regarding my valve issue. It probably will not be a problem for me for the future. A half century question answered. (I never had a regular doctor.) I had sever arrhythmia for some time after the accident, but no signs now, even under the stress test.

But here today, summer is knocking on the doors. Being up in the mountains a wee bit, even during summer it gets quite cool at night, except for a day or two. You can open windows and doors (screened) at night, and keep the cool into the afternoon. As long as you close them by mid morning!

I will post on the exciting new monsoon seasons we are guaranteed to have, now that they have extended the season for about a month. Who knew we controlled the weather like that!