Logic held out its shredded hands

amid posture and probability

fear came on as kindness

and deliberation

had triplets

a clown

the mirror

and the mighty wind


Reason was left holding back

brimstone hailed emotions

insecurities golden calf

wore a mask of goodness

of honor and most noble cause

a black vortex was called rose

siphoning up compassion

condemning empathy

as if they were

illegitimate children

wards of the welfare state

expected to clean and care for

any hand that held enough money


Spinning up worried elites propaganda

pundits guided a groomed church choir

common folk packed into position

received their new commands

to march in loyalties blindfold

when a dark root cellars depth

would have held them more true

 a better company that the proud


Logic’s air had become vacated

its home left in morbid curiosities

dreams now mixed in with detritus

insulation and roofing shingles lost

were nailed over hearts left hard

now pierced by rusted anger


What had been always true

of truth and of loves way

looked for evidence

any kind of history

even one memory

amidst the sorry



We wailed

we looked for

what survived

of actuality

but alas

from the sky

came the echo’s

of each possibility


by hate

by life itself

torn to thunder




I USED TO SUPPORT THAT ONE, BUT, now that I have discovered how they really are, I just joined the other side.

Hear yee. Hear yee.

I just read a post to this effect. These sort of statements, (perhaps true occasionally?), will sprout like grass in a freshly manured lawn. There will be many letters to the editor of this nature, but I am discovering they are showing up pro and con for the candidates on the Democrats duel at the moment. Big surprise, not.


What troubles me about the one I just read is how dumb it assumes I am. (Much dumber than I actually am.) For someone who just switched their support allegedly, they sure sounded like true cult believers from way back when. The candidates spouse was praised like a loyal dog. Their policies had not a scent of being previously disagreeable, while there were the fumes of contempt for the other days hero. One side was black, and the other white, which pun included or not, had the effect of completely reversing yesterdays held beliefs. And all based in the beginning of the article on a recent nuanced falsehood discovered in the one they were supporting a minute before!? Really?

By the end of these switcheroo’s, the prior opposing side attachment is meant to be forgotten. One is to hear that now the light is seen and all the prior assumptions disappeared, and now everything yesterdays lesser choice one says is true and blue as a crystal sky with a smiling sun.

I have seen this dubious political tactic every election for presidency I believe I have had the opportunity to spend time on reading letters to the editor. They create the notion that there is a swing movement of enlightenment literally going (usually) from one party to an other. In this case the Democrats duel is thought of as being the actual battle for the presidency. Might explain why this trick is showing up now.

It seems you can fool some people all the time, but to use that as a tactic is one sorry view towards ones fellow voters. Will the carnival mirrors distortion really change my opinion? Some surely, in their eagerness to push the undecided or even decided, think the distortion will work. Sometimes these switcheroo’s are quite more sophisticated than the above one that sent off alarm signs in my nostrils. There is usually just some sour scent, a feeling of something disingenuous about the whole presentation. Really?

They were red but now they are blue? Well I liked red until I found out it was kinda like orange and who needs that! Blue is so calming! The ocean and sky are blue, and blue is even close to my favorite purple. And did you notice the trees? They stand tall into a blue sky! And once the sun finally wakes up the sky is blue! Don’t you think blue walls are calming? I sure do now. Even my computers screen is blue! Wow! Why don’t you see how more connected it is to you too? Blue, blue, blue, blue…

Well. Beware of the switcheroo dogs who just come off of rolling on that nice green grass, for if you pet their coat too closely, you will need to wash your hands before consuming anything wholesome.