With winter rains an evaporating memory, mementos were left behind which I now collect.

Now I need to get the ground wet to insure sufficient root out of an often hard clay soil. Do this now before they have gone to seed. Many around here use the weed whacker in summer, assuring that I will have much future labor for my ideas to sift through come next spring.

This year my neck is way the worse for looking down so much. I must be sure what I am pulling is what I want to leave and not some of the near look alike’s that I prefer, mostly for their flowers, foliage and how they do not “take over” and not allow the variety I like in the more groomed area around the house. I always prefer a “natural” look, as if I had nothing much to do with it.

I am also progressing slowly on a masonry improvement project, not now likely to be finished by an upcoming family visit. I often use visiting times as motivational nudges to do a few things for home improvement. I get to enjoy the change along with everyone else. I have to bust up some concrete to get at plumbing under a patio and block wall. Then fix it, add some supporting features to make up for whomever designed it all inadequately. Then I will stucco it in a manner to make it look more like my adobe walls around the place.

I will be thinking of you all on the Internet and its vast array of tubes and things. If I gather up comments, I will weed through them much like I would real world items.

I trust you are one of the flowers.