SELF CONTROL HAS RISEN; ascending with now.

First of all. No matter how objectively factual any others story is, it becomes told in my mind, in yours. It may be true, may be an allegorical tale, doesn’t matter, except how it matters to me.

This is a primal redeemable truth: I am not outside my consciousness, my awareness, not how I can seem to assume. This may explain how an inner focus to awareness can produce self centeredness, a solipsistic view of life where all that is important revolves around me and what I want or need or think I am. Highly alienated individuals can be self consumed by a focus concerned with only their own needs and desires.

What degree of awareness is always the same or under the influence of body dynamics, or that of outer environments? I am not certain that question is answered quite anywhere completely (exceptions being possibly meditation, prayer, or what is called at times cosmic consciousness, a sense of union with the Source of Being). Am I a modem, some simple interface between inner DNA, chemistry, memory and the unknown outer world in which I try to detect what to trust?


It seems societies-culture has let a lot into my perception, to get its hands on my steering wheel, usually for the better but at times for the worse. These very thoughts are highly influenced by the words they must pass through, words from a historical-collective mass, language. Not to mention what mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, kids at school and siblings and all the rest had to say to and about me, and how they assumed I was someone they knew, and truly understood for a while. I might have liked some of it and not approved of some, but am left what I got.

This outer influence is powerful stuff. It is not guaranteed absolutely to be right or wrong, but it may have set up much of my parameters of outer interactions in times to come, or even my whole life. I then have something akin to an assumed self and an assumed place in life. It may be one I always enjoy, have trouble at times with, or one I find much difficulty in. Especially if heartache, stress unrelenting, and a negative view towards the happenings to, of, and in my life seem to haunt my memories and occurrences around me, I might need a change. But where can change come from?


How can I have any control over a seeming relativity of fate that surrounds me with what I am disappointed in? How can what I have always known reverse its apparent course (or curse) and become something more wrapped around love, beauty and respect, a place of inner peace that has so far eluded me? People, Spiritual institutions, even advertisers, claim to help me to do this, but what is the fact of the mater?



Now is never gone from you. I am always here. Here with the Source of whatever keeps all that is going. I am undeniably connected to one vast Being. As if a drop in a stream, I may not know where I begin and end, or if those borders are actually the limiting walls of what and who I am. But no matter who the real me is, the guy writing this, I can be quite certain I have adopted notions about me that are true, false and between the two. I am in all likelihood being someone I am not, in the sense that others are in effect living through me due to the judgement’s I have let in about myself in part thanks to them. We are all in this boat. We may not come to grips with the truth that we are all in this boat together, but we are. I do not see or feel the end of the universe we are in.

Change only happens now. If I cannot change some oppressive sense I have about life, I am by inference, not being present with it. The power of being is right here in the now, with you. If I let go of my painful past assumption, I come into the new place, the place of transformation. Many religions and belief systems have a key in the now to unlocking the real me and letting go of the old one. The easiest one to grab a hold of is forgiveness. It embodies the act of present free will, to cut away deterministic like continuations.


I believe the arts are symbols of a key to now, especially music, and particularly if one is a participant in music making. Music is one art most all humans do, and many other creatures perhaps. We could say we worship Being in a union of sound in mind and heart. It can be a participatory union with the transcendent qualities of ones identity and place, coming right out of now.

Forgiveness has this musical quality; where I am an active participant, and whatever judgement I am holding for whatever reason, is released by allowing a reconnection to occur with Source. It is cathartic because it acts like a catalyst in that way. Forgiveness is then a form of Higher Consciousness and resulting understanding, where instead of being trapped in a self centered cause, one embraces a higher Cause, which we could call a Grand Self awareness.


For you, my words here are abstractions. They might seem true, but you cannot be certain I do what I say. That is just as well, since your freedom to be more present in the Now, is really all up to you. My statement that we (I), can be cut off from the fullness of present life, is quite possibly agreed with by you. The question is, how one finds that essential center when one really needs it, or if I can stay there and still deal with past and future speculations I seem required to attend to to figure out my path through life.

It quite possibly will require practice to undo past programming. Our programming is as if an addiction holds us for better or worse. One could say we are addicted to eating and breathing for good reasons we would not wish to end. Breaking harmful addictions are a matter of making a declaration to change right now, and keeping ones power there no matter the pull to fall back. That is when the present moment comes into full potential.

Harmful assumptions about life have possibly become neurally “wired” in, and require you to have some tools to rewire around the problematic issues. This may be aided by symbols, rituals, or talisman that act as reminders of where Center is and what you hold as a known Sacred Point. My self realignments can be aided by reminders of my direction when I get lost, landmarks to Home.

This has been one example of a space-time portal. A description of just one of the ways the weight of the past can be lifted from individual consciousness. It involves what we could call new but always present needs; the need for empathy, compassion, understanding unstopped by ignorance, that some of what people do to us may not be liked and understandable, but was done for what seemed to them, a sound reason, a reason quite possibly based in separation.

The separation may have originated in them, or me, or my impression. But what we call wisdom, or spiritually transcendent being, rises above the implied alienated subjective, reaching through space and time, to touch the Eternal Source. Now is that closest place, where the answer to separation is found, and the Song continues on.

Fortunately, you are right here with It. Enter at will.