BLACK HOLES, I recommend one a day, unless otherwise prescribed by ones doctor. Parallel universes, however many of them there many be, with their own physics and such, I suggest only having on New Years Eve. (Apply directly on the forehead.)

[I supposedly have what it takes to be a physicist or mathematician, according to an aptitude test. May be why I pay attention to these things.]

Well, I like speculations of many sorts, just check out this blog site, but there is a point of diminishing returns. I occasionally see the self appointed eager spokespersons of astrophysics and nuclear or particle physics, all excited about what mathematical theory may or may not allow. I could see getting all drawn up in the competition to prove or disprove (Ha!) a theory by some allegedly contradictory theories new found “proof”. “I was more right all along! Thank you, I’m more perceptive in the ways of the universe. It’s a gift. What can I say? Thank you very much. It was nothing.”


While the Cosmos may be more grand than we even have proof of. I am not encouraged to think incomprehensible physics exist, virtually in the same space you might, as incomprehensible as you may be. That does not help me focus well on my own life. Exciting to stimulate kids going into math and science, maybe. This is not too unlike saying every one of your dreams are actually a reality somewhere. Could be who knows? But heaven help many of the scenarios I have visited.

I personally am biased against a freaky universe that wants to keep changing landmarks or street signs just so I cannot find my way home. And what about when you need to call on your cell phone and its out of range or the battery is dead? Those dream theories being real are bad enough, it does not excite me to think that somewhere I will never be, quarks cannot stay in their place, or there are no sensible elements, or gravity, is that always going to be there? Are you sure? Got water? Something going to stand in for its place? Are there suns? Seems hardly a point going there, so why bother with getting excited about infinite potential parallel universes? Except to pretend to know something questionable because you are the expert.

Instead of inspiring scifi fantasies masquerading as actualities through imagination and mathematical projections, as someones dreams come true, maybe. Makes me a little sea sick to entertain the unfathomable–infinity sickness.


So, I’m speaking for myself, but you might happen to agree with me; do you really want to think of being somewhere where you bread the butter, or put a can into your coffee? Me, not so much. When the next pseudo-Carl Sagan tries to get you all excited by manically talking about parallel universes and unknown laws of physics, do like that blond actress on (Is it MAD TV?) used to do.

The cure is to put your palms over your ears, (or a finger in each one) and chant, NAH, NAH, NAH; NAH, NAH, NAH, or some similar idiotic sound. It may very well preserve your sanity.